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    Saturday, November 2 | Comments

    Happy Halloween folks! Well, a few days ago anyway. I seriously love Halloween since having Myles. This year was SO much fun! He mostly understood what was going on and loved getting to pick a piece of candy from each bowl {he took his sweet time at every bowl}. This year he was our little swiss boy in Grayson’s old lederhosen from when he was a little boy, and it’s straight from Switzerland. I just made him a hat, got some knee highs and boots and instant awesome costume! It was such a fun day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, fall leaves everywhere you looked and the last rays of sun setting through them while we trick or treated  in down town Bellingham with my parents {who were dressed as Seahawks fans, haha}. This phase of life is just so much fun, having a little boy to watch enjoy his first years of this tradition and living in a place that actually has a beautiful fall season to make it all better. It was amazing to watch him really noticing things for the first time like pumpkins and costumes. He actually got to eat some candy this year too! Last year we just ate all his candy after he went to bed, haha.

    We went home, ate some chilli and went back out trick or treating on our street with our {awesome} neighbors. We hit a few houses then went home and handed out candy on the porch steps with a blanket around us. I think that was his favorite part. He was so excited to give each kid a candy and kept holding up candy yelling “kid! kid!”. They were all very patient as he selected a choice piece for each of them, haha. Halloween was everything I wanted it to be and I can’t wait for the next one. NOW I can have this baby :] The whole time I’ve been saying she just needs to stay in there until Halloween is over because I want to take Myles trick or treating.. and she did. So now, we just wait for little lady to arrive. Such a fun time of life, I’m so thankful for my family and I make every attempt never to take a single moment for granted.


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    The only time he cried was when we went to a house with a fog machine “no! no! hot!”… he wasn’t a fan, haha


    Halloween2013_020 Halloween2013_021

    Halloween2013_022 Halloween2013_023


    1. Brooke says:

      Oh my word, I just saw this post and I’m dying from the cuteness! Myles is such a little cutie!!

    2. That outfit is adorable! He’s such a cutie! And the “no! no! hot!” pic is hilarious! Thank you for sharing :)

    3. Kalee Curtis says:

      Wow…I can’t even explain the cuteness I am witnessing through these pictures. Love them all & miss that lil cutie!!!

    4. Gigi says:

      There couldn’t be anything cuter than that boy in that outfit. Those legs are so adorable…chubby little knees….and him blowing that horn is the dearest. See you soon my cute little grandson.

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