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  • Yen + Daniel {can’t beat a good picnic}

    Tuesday, March 2 | Comments

    We met Yen and Daniel back before we moved up to WA and after our meeting with them we were so excited to shoot their wedding, they were so laid back and just seemed awesome. So we’re super excited to shoot their wedding in May! The night before this shoot I was sick from some food and slept on the bathroom floor on a little bed Grayson made me, he stayed in case I got sick too, what a good hubby :]

    Well we got up a 6:45 to do this morning shoot, and thankfully, I was A-OK. Our original place turned out to require a $100 permit to shoot at- no thanks. So we had a back up plan which worked out perfectly! It was a slightly rainy, very overcast day, but it was great. Yen packed a picnic for all of us and it was amazzzinningg!

    We all sat and ate, they told us about how Daniel proposed, it was cute :] So obviously, this was a really fun shoot. We had to end early because Daniel was off to his Bachelor party in Vegas and then, as Yen put it “GAME OVER DANIEL!” haha.

    best picnic spot ever!

    Yen packs a fancy picnic. If we were in charge we would have been eating cold mac-n-cheese, haha. No good.


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    2. jordyn says:

      so incredibly beautiful. your photographs are inspiring.

    3. Sarika says:

      Beautiful pics!

    4. amanda k says:

      These made me sigh… beautiful!

    5. Tasha says:

      Visual delight. I love the clover and their faces shot. What a happy beautiful couple, you can tell that she’s a great lady. Plus, kind of a different cool location to shoot. Hats off to Jagger Photography!

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