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    Wednesday, July 20 | Comments

    If you’ve noticed there haven’t been a lot of personal posts lately, there’s a reason for that…. It would be too obvious.

    What would be too obvious you ask?

    The cat is officially out of the bag, I’m 5 months pregnant!!! All our friends and family know, we just didn’t want it made super public until 5 months, and we managed to keep it quiet! Obviously the last few couples we’ve shot know, sorta hard to hide that tummy.

    So we had out sonogram today {well, yesterday now} and found out what we’re having!!! So we earlier that day I made 2 cakes: a pink one and a blue one {I made them both because we didn’t have time after our appointment to make a cake!}. So we frosted the real one when we got home and my parents got to cut into the cake and see what it is. My mom is so funny, she came in and said “I’m wearing a shirt with hearts on it because I’ve had a change of heart. First I thought it was a girl but now I think it’s a boy” haha. We took a poll and pretty much everyone {all but 4 people} thought it was going to be a boy. In the beginning EVERYONE thought it was a girl!

    It’s pretty awesome now knowing what “it” is, it’s not just a nameless baby now, it has a name! The sonogram lady said this baby moves a LOT, and it does. It’s moving all day every day, kicking me and what not. I love when it kicks stuff, haha. Like if I’m leaning on a counter and it kicks it.. haha. It has crazy dance parties and ninja moves in there!

    the awesome cake I made… I wanted to eat it so bad.

    These are just the screen shots from the video we took of it all, sorry the quality isn’t amazing. We had 12 people on skype back home to watch it too, it was hectic getting it all together at once but fun!

    It’s a booooooyyyyy!!!!!!! {sorry for the crappy iphone photo}

    we were showing everyone back in CA the photos we got that day.

    I think if we had to wait any longer to know what it was, April was going to lose it. She was SO SO excited!

    Meet little Myles Grayson Glasby

    and last but not least… his man parts. My mom saw this one and said “It’s awful big” and Grayson yells “yah babbbyyy!!!!” super loud. We told the sonogram lady we were going to put this on out blog and she said “oh that poor kid”, haha. But look how funny this photos is!! Come on!

    I wanted to Facebook or Tweet this text earlier but it would be too obvious, now I can. I ruined my best friends child. The day before we all went to the lake to go fishing and Hudson and I were both burping super loud. Sara and Sean told him to stop after a while but IIIII kept going. And I said “it’s ok, I NEED to burp!”……. it led to this..



    1. Stephanie says:

      CONGRATS!!! Love the name Myles!

    2. JOdi says:

      congrats! how wonderful!

    3. Heather says:

      hahaha Sara, she had that all planned. You know my mom…. she’s kind of a nut. We made fun of them for it too! Love you!!! Sorry I ruined Hudson,haha

    4. Sara says:

      I love that Jerrold and Janice are cutting the cake like it’s their wedding day. I miss you and am soooo excited for you guys!!! Can’t wait for when I get to ruin YOUR kid :)

      Love you,


    5. Farah says:

      Congratulations!! I’ve been following your pictures for so long but never posted.
      What great news. You will be a wonderful mother! Again, congratulations!!

      P.S. Myles is an amazing name!

    6. Emily says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Myles will grow up with nothing short of the best photographic documentation ever. Can’t wait to finally meet you guys next summer and to see pictures of the baby that will have been around for months already!!


    7. Amber Curtis says:

      such an amazing post & we are so happy for you guys!!

    8. Tiffany Chow says:

      seriously, SO stoked for you guys. this kid is gonna be bomb.com, and heath, you are too cute as a preggie!!! <3

    9. Evita says:

      I was going to email you to ask you how the announcement went but then Jon saw your blog post! How fun! Congratulations again Heather and Grayson! So happy for you both! Can’t wait to see blog posts about baby Myles! He’s going to be sooo cute!

    10. Tasha says:

      YES!!! I had a dream about your little boy two months ago. It was a really weird dream, I’ll tell you about later. Love you both!

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