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    Tuesday, June 21 | Comments

    I know there hasn’t been a whole lot of blog action lately, but it’s because we’ve been in wedding city! We’re nearing the end of our 5 week tour de weddings and just about to head home for summer. We were in CA for 4 weeks and shot 5 weddings and 6 other shoots! I ALSO got to be the maid of honor in my best lady {Sara’s} wedding, yaa hoooo!!!

    Anyway, first we shot Brandon and Brittany’s wedding in May and they had the ever so awesome Magnolia Photo Booth, which Sara loved and got for her own wedding! We’ve seen a million photo booths at weddings and they are by FAR the best one to get! We’ve worked with them 3 times now, the first time in New Jersey,  and each time it gets better! Most people know that my life goal is to have a black and while photo booth in my living room {preferably a film one but I’m starting to consider digital after seeing theirs} So we have a schmorgish board of photo booth strips {yeessss!!}. So below is a little sampling of those babies.

    So right now were with Grayson’s family in PA, relaxing, swimming and what not. His cousin got married and we had the pleasure of shooting his wedding {at THE most amazing location! You’ll see!} His whole family lives here, his mom ventured out long ago to California so they all come back to visit every year and I’ve gotten to come the last 2 years to shoot cousins weddings! It’s pretty stinkin awesome: a pool with a sweeeet slide, 4 wheelers, Amish people {my favorite!}  and about a million acres of forest to play in. Grayson’s mom and I fell asleep on the porch waiting for a crazy storm to come through, it was a nice nap. We woke up to a BBQ, swimming and playing “Things “by the fire. And I seriously can’t get enough of Amish people…

    Soooooo, that’s why there hasn’t been too much to look at lately. But once we get those 12 shoots ready to go, there will be a ton! In the mean time enjoy these little strips of joy via photo booth!


    1. haha the biting on is my favorite too!!!

    2. Kristen says:

      oh. my. goodness. I love all these photos! Why are the biting ones so funny? We’re so excited that you are coming back tomorrow!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

    3. SecretKeeper says:

      holy cow that is a lot of photoboothing!!! yeah for SARA!!!

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