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    Tuesday, September 20 | Comments

    My aunt was in town from Laguna Beach so we decided to head out and go berry picking, {a very northwest thing to do…} We  LOVE berry picking, I’m not sure why it’s so appealing to us, maybe because growing up in CA you could never pick your own berries, but we love it.

    I decided to make raspberry ice cream {for my parents really, if ice cream doesn’t have some form of chocolate in it, I don’t want it}. Grayson ate 50 {he counted} off the vine… He’s theory is “one for the bucket, one for me, one for the bucket, one for me” haha… little thief.

    The thief.

    Anyone who know my mom knows she’s kind of a spaz {in all the best ways}. She insisted she could catch a berry in her mouth, here are her first 2 attempts…. she never got it, haha. No one said it was going to be graceful.

    He never misses.

    oh the tum.

    we always get carried away and end up with WAY too many berries… way too many.


    1. Mimi H says:

      I LOVED all of these pictures!!! The color was amazing! Makes me wanna go berry picking!

    2. Evita says:

      Heather, you’re too cute! Yum yum berries!!!

    3. maiko says:

      what?? too many berries? no such thing!

    4. Kalee Curtis says:

      WOW..those look sooo yummy…and raspberry icecream sounds even yummier!!! Cute pics and super cute babe bump :)

    5. Brenda Glasby says:

      Love the mother-grandma cheek to cheek
      picture (yes Heather…the “mother” is you). Such fun…wish I was there too!!! Freeze some berries for us for our trip up in October….berries and pancakes…yummy

    6. NaNa says:

      Love it! Not the berries-both of you

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