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  • Vlad + Jamie {San Francisco, CA}

    Wednesday, March 24 | Comments

    Vlad and Jamie! This couple was too funny. Their wedding day was chalk full of potty humor {our very favorite}, crazy toe socks and Russians. We were driving around trying to get to their venue the night before {well unsuccessfully trying to find parking anyway} I saw this house and was in love. I’ve always had a thing for houses for some reason and this one is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was the Hass Lilienthall, and it was freakin fantastic! Anyway, here is their San Francisco wedding day, enjoooyyy!

    There is nothing more manly than a bunch of grown men sitting on a bed in matching toe socks…

    I was in love with this bathroom, as you’ll see later.

    Vlad got all the boys custom cuff links.

    I love old bathtubs… they make me smile

    This wall paper TOTALLY reminded me of my Grandma Goldstien’s house, it just screams “1974 Jewish!”- I love it

    more bathtub love

    stinkin’ amazing house

    Their ceremony was in the living room of this house, most people stood.

    the best kind of brides maid photos in our opinion…

    “Bridesman” toast :]

    Can I just note the sheer impressiveness of this photo. Not only did she catch this giant bouquet, but she did it while holding  her wine glass…

    “Shake what your mama gave ya!!” was what everyone chanted to this girl as she danced for 20 minutes in the middle…. victory.

    gotta love dancing with your new Russian family.

    the entire wedding was based off this a-freakin-mazing cake.

    cake cutting is a spectator sport.


    1. Maya says:

      What a beautiful celebration! I love the amazing wedding cake! Would anyone know the bakery?

    2. Trendy Bride says:

      Love Love this the green socks are hilarious, Love the cuff links and such a beautiful cake overall nice vintage wedding !

    3. Brenda says:

      Love the bathtub shots. They were a first!!! I haven’t ever seen wedding day pics in a tub. How fun and unique!

    4. cureton says:

      They look so happy their faces were probably sore that night! I want to find a random bathtub and sit in it now. Thanks for some A-Mazing photos!

    5. nilo says:

      love the color, love the pics!!! congrats;)

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