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  • Veronique + Vince- Woodstock Farm Wedding {Bellingham Wedding Photographers}

    Thursday, December 11 | Comments

    When we first heard from Veronique and Vince we were so excited because they seemed so sweet and they were local!! We rarely get to shoot in our own, amazing home town of Bellingham, WA. So we were pumped! We had them over for dinner and loved them right away! Months later we got to shoot this lovely wedding of theirs and it was seriously perfect. It was everything we love in a wedding: simple, lacey, barns, fields, oceans, trees, live bands and a potluck dinner. We discovered some new little gems of Bellingham too. We pass this place all the time and never even saw it! They got ready at the Moondance Inn down by lake whatcom and it was amazing!!! How have we not seen this place? There whole wedding was held at a beautiful place overlooking the ocean called Woodstock Farm. First there was a beautiful house, then a beautiful barn, then a beautiful ocean blue.. my brain was going to explode! Everyone there was awesome, the vibe was so happy and relaxed and just joyful. It was the first wedding we’ve ever been to where the groom served the cake to all the guests himself!

    We love hearing speeches because you get to witness all the love being poured out on new couples as they start a life together. Maybe that’s cheesy but we just love them. Hearing a dad bless his daughter and his new son, hearing brothers tell funny stories about them getting in trouble as kids… the occasional tipsy cousin that gets up there for a few words and mostly embarrasses themself {not at this wedding, haha} and the sobbing sister confessing her adoration to her big brother- it’s the best.

    We also had the great pleasure of working with Moetic Films, two guys from Portland and they were awe-soommeee! You should check them out! So enjoy this one, it’s one of our favorites!

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    1. I have followed you guys here and on instagram for awhile now!! I am just getting started taking pictures & absolutely love yours! Just wanted to say that this is one of my favorites, wow!!!!

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