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  • Update from a past couple!!

    Sunday, October 25 | Comments

    We love hearing from past couples and seeing what they’re up to now, especially getting to photograph them through theirs lives together. So this email made us smile, thought I’d pass it along!

    Hi Heather and Grayson!

    Not sure if you remember us {of course we do!}, but you beautifully captured our wedding July 23rd 2011 in North Bend. We have since read your blog on occasion, checking in on your artistry :) I read your birth stories for each of your children. Enjoying every little detail of your births and feeling your empowerment during your home births, I found myself pregnant and fantasizing about a similar experience. Justin and I have seen a naturopath for our own health and we loved the idea of having a naturopath/midwife combo. Luckily we found our perfect match. My pregnancy was very uneventful, in a good way, and I was hoping nothing would change that would force me into a hospital birth. July 22nd the time came and we had the most amazing birth, entire labor only lasted 8 hours!
    I think about our birth story often in amazement and complete happiness. I want to thank you both for sharing your story, inspiring many I’m sure. I know our story wouldn’t have been so perfect without you sharing!
    Stephanie, Justin and Blaine :)


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