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  • Tyson + Tracy {a little baby in Bellingham} Bellingham Family Photographer

    Saturday, November 3 | Comments

    Is it just me, or when you have a baby, do you become super into hanging out with other babies too? Haha. Our good friends Tyson and Tracy had their third little addition {Isabel} and as soon as she came out {ok, I waited a few days} we came over “here’s some dinner, when can I take pictures?” haha. Gimme that baby lady! And this little girl…. holy cuteness. I can’t handle how cute this baby is. The 65 year old Aunt with lipstick on her teeth comes out of me and just wants to pinch those cheeks. I now understand all the cheek pinching I got as a kid.

    I’ve only photographed about 2 babies.. ever {this being the 2nd}, so it’s new for me. But I LOVE IT! There’s nothing better than a brand new, sleepy, mushy baby. I’m pretty sure I live in continual baby fever.

    We had a good day, Tyson came home and joined in the photos, so did the kids with some bribing of brownies and slurpees. After we shot we all ate a massive pot of delicious spaghetti someone brought over the day before. It was a very good day.

    At about this point I had Myles slinging to my legs begging to be picked up while I was trying to shoot.

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    Bellingham Family Photographer


    1. Jennie says:

      I really love these. She is the most beautiful little baby girl I’ve ever seen. You are amazing!!!

    2. joy prouty says:

      oooooh i love these soooo much!!! i have seen a lot of newborn sessions but this was so organic and effortlessly perfect. the ones with the older sibling kill me. loooove.

    3. Taralynn Dixon says:

      Sweet and gorgeous. Only your second baby to ever photograph, whoa! Love your angles.

    4. Angie says:

      Love them! They’re beautiful!

    5. GiGi says:

      Love the picture of baby in the frame….beautiful and LOVE the boys kissing baby….they are beautiful children….LOVE those freckles!!! You may have to set up shop for” baby”
      shoots….they always seem to follow the “wedding” shoots. ha

    6. Tracy says:

      I can’t thank you guys enough….these are beautiful and so special to have. You are amazing! Thank you, thank you!

    7. shan says:

      these are so sweet you guys! What a blessing to their family to have these! I love the one with all three of them on the bed, such cuteness happening all around

    8. Heather says:

      woo hoo for new babies!!

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