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  • Truckin along, waiting for baby

    Monday, September 30 | Comments

    Well I thought I’d give a little pregnancy update since we’ve been too busy to post about it much! I’m 34 weeks along now and things are going smoothly. We’re just counting down week by week to some mystery date, whenever she decides to show up! Really, I’m in no rush. I really love being pregnant and the first few months with a new baby are really, really hard and exhausting. But I am getting excited to hold that new baby girl in my arms and cuddle day and night. We’re getting all ready for another home birth, hoping and praying that we get to do it again. She’s been on and off {mostly on} breech and that’s no good. Luckily she’s small and has plenty of room to keep flipping at this point so I’m not terribly worried about it yet. In this day and age no one will attempt to deliver a breech baby naturally, it’s pretty much an automatic c-section. And really, I just LOVE childbirth so much {I realize how crazy that sounds} that I want nothing more than a healthy home birth. I really can’t wait for it!

    We’ve been in major project mode. Got our lockers painted, Grayson made an awesome bench seat for our kitchen, getting the baby’s room painted, editing shoots non stop, working frantically on the back yard before the weather goes down the tubes… and trying to soak it all in. I’ve noticed it’s really hard to pay attention to this pregnancy the way I did with my first. Your first baby you just get to day dream and wonder about what the baby will be like, you’re so excited, can’t wait because everything is so new. This one I’ve been trying to keep up with Myles, nap when he naps and work my butt off in between it all to get our lovely clients their photos! But honestly, life is great and I have no complaints. We’re just happy to be where we are in life and can’t belive we’re about to have TWO kids! We’re officially parents… we have children, haha. I love sitting back and looking at my life and realizing this is the part of life you always wondered about growing up. What will your husband look like? What will your kids look like? Where will you live? Now I know and it’s an awesome feeling. Anyway, just wanted to get that little tid bit out. Hope you’re enjoying this new week!


    And here are the lockers were restored! We got these bad boys for $25 at a garage sale, they were a nasty avacado green and straight from the Bellingham telephone company in the 1950′s. We put a lot of time and love into them, now they’re awesome!!!!



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