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  • Tree House Point Elopement {Seattle Wedding Photography}

    Saturday, September 27 | Comments

    We’d been excited to shoot Austin and McKenna’s wedding since the moment we booked them. They decided to come all the way from Oklahoma and get eloped at Tree House Point, one of our favorite venues in Washington!! It was a truly amazing day. Elopements are so special to photograph because they’ve chosen us to be there and us alone. Getting ready was calm and relaxing. It was just me and her, talking about the excitement she was feeling, moving as slowly as we wanted. No time lines, no bridal party, no pressure of any kind! We were the only people to witness these two make their wedding vows to each other, we signed their marriage license as witnesses and we spent their wedding day with them running through the bright green forest of Issquah, WA. It was an awesome day. We trekked through the river, climbed up rocks to get to perfect spots and braves the chilly water! It was pretty much everything we’d want in a wedding we photograph. Thank you two so much for inviting us into your world! It was a wedding we won’t forget!

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    1. Melissa D. says:

      These are absolutely stunning. So excited to be considering Treehouse Point as our potential venue (for eloping).

    2. shannon says:

      You guys, these are awesome! Love them all!

    3. Maiko says:

      ugh. i love these pictures so much. what a beautiful wedding and couple!

    4. Gigi says:

      What an incredible wedding day…so so beautiful. These pictures are fabulous in every way!!!

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