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  • Tracy + Justin- engaged {Pasadena, CA}

    Tuesday, December 28 | Comments

    We shot Tracy and Justin on the last day of our shooting weekend of crazy awesomeness. We had 4 shoots in 3 days, boom babyyyyy! We try to maximize our time when we’re down in sunny California, and maximize we did! I’m pretty sure the awesome fact that they brought their own hammock with home made pillows and bows made our day. It doesn’t get much better than naps in the park in mine and Grayson’s book. We normally get some crazy looks when we set up an entire bed in under a big tree at parks, as we often do…. but you know everyone is just wishing they were doing the same thing!

    But first we got some breakfast since we shot in the morning in Pasadena {breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, can’t miss it!}. Pasadena is one of those cities that’s quickly growing on us, every time we shoot there we leave more surprised by how awesome this place is! So enjoy the photos and you’ll be seeing more of these two when we shoot their wedding next year!

    can’t beat a good swing session.

    This is one of my favorite shots of the day.

    Tract sent me this the other day and I thought it was so stinkin cute. Their friend Lori did the design for them. I love these kind of save the dates.. Nothing fancy, just cute and home made.


    1. beautifully done! i especially love the ones in the hammock!

    2. nice photos! and the hammock adds a great touch!

    3. Tracy says:

      Yay! I can finally say how incredibly in love we are with you two, in a public forum!!!!! Thank you for capturing us so well.

    4. Brenda G. says:

      Really beautiful pictures. The hammock was a GREAT idea…lovely!

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