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    Tuesday, January 4 | Comments

    As you know, the entire wedding world is wedding blogs! And we were pretty excited to find out that we got the first wedding on the list of Top 10 Weddings of the Year on LaBelle Bride! THENNNNN, we were on there again! We were lucky enough to be chosen for 2 of the top 10 weddings! Woo hoo!!!

    First was Lisa and Keith from Rhode Island! This wedding was great, the weather was not but it still turned out amazing! They were married on the grass along the beach and had a clam bake for dinner- Grayson was in Heaven!

    Then came the awe-some Taryn and Owen from Pasadena! We LOVED this wedding, such an awesome couple with awesome decor…. it was great!!


    1. Congratulations…your work is amazing!!!

    2. Stephanie says:

      I cannot wait to budget my entire wedding around you guys, haha, you’re photos are amazing, keep up the outstanding work!!

    3. Brenda G. says:

      I am sooo proud of you both and brag about you ALL the time. Mom

    4. Lina Wallace says:

      You totally deserve it! Your work is awesome!!

    5. Tasha says:

      You’re all ten on my top ten. Take that!

    6. Josie says:

      That’s because you’re photography is frickin awesome!

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