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  • They love us!!!!!

    Monday, July 19 | Comments

    We got an amazing thank you from Lisa and Keith and wanted to share it! boom baby!!!!

    We really, really love the pictures. I don’t think I told you, but back in the fevered throes of wedding planning Keith attempted to convince me that we could totally get by with having friends take pictures. After all, everyone’s got digital cameras these days. Well, as friends put their pictures up on the internet, I became more and more thankful that I ignored Keith completely, and that we hired you. I have already shown these photos to more people than you would think possible within the span of just a few hours, and everyone has had the same reaction. You blew our minds! How did you make everything look so lovely even in the rain?? What magic juju do you sprinkle on your cameras to make them so stellar? Well, all I know is that I am delighted to tell the many complimenters that our photographers were so badass and dedicated that they took photos sitting on each others shoulders. We are so happy to have had you there, and completely delighted with the results. We’ve got photos to show the future grand kids! So again, thank you, thank you a million times for your skill, your kindness, your amazing turn around time, your professionalism, and total badassery. We wish you all the best, from the bottom of our hearts, and any time we hear that someone we know has gotten engaged, you’ll be the first recommendation. Peace, love, and happy shooting!

    p.s: Along with a few other blogs, Lisa and Keith’s awesome wedding made it onto GreenWeddingShoes.com. If you’re interested and loved this wedding as much as we did, you can read all about how she planned her wedding and what all went into it!


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