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    Friday, March 14 | Comments

    I have known Ryan and Danielle for years and years {10 years??}, they are some of our best friends and we love love love these people! I’ve had the pleasure of shooting their engagement, wedding, both pregnancies, new baby and now family photos of all of them! Ryan and Danielle were there for me when I was going through some harder times in life, they were even there when I’d just started dating Grayson and Danielle was a brides maid in my wedding. Back when Gray and I first met they wanted to scope him out so they “dropped by to give me some stuff” one day when he was over and gave me the thumbs up as they walked out the door, haha.

    Ok, on a total side note I have to tell my all time favorite Danielle story {sorry friend}.. one day the 4 of us were out on their boat and learned that Danielle couldn’t dive. So we took it upon ourselves to teach her how to do a simple dive, it became our challenge. We pressured her beyond belief to just dive, jump, jump! Just jump!! She was terrified of belly flopping but finally jumped in the water, her little hands together in a point like a 7 year old learning to dive {it was so cute} and BAM!!! Hardest belly flop ever! The boys instantly start laughing hysterically {especially Ryan} and I’m yelling at them to stop laughing, trying so hard not to laugh myself. Danielle {known for being slightly dramatic at the time} finally surfaces and swims out farther and starts crying. It was awful, I felt so bad!!! Once we learned she was ok we hauled her back on the boat and we couldn’t stop laughing… for a long time. Needless to say, I don’t think she tried it again. I still laugh to myself when that story pops into my head.

    Anyway… we’ve been trying to do this shoot for a very long time and it finally happened! We talked about setting up a big camping theme and this is what we came up with. The tent wasn’t what we pictured it being, partially because Myles knocked it over right after the guys got it all set up, haha… any the obscene amount of duct tape involved. But the back drop was awesommmeeeee! We loved it! Shooting their little family was so much fun! I had to stop in the middle to nurse Finley and Myles was running crazy.. at one point Myles and their son Wyatt were just holding hands in front of the back drop, being adorable.

    Weatherwax_002 Weatherwax_005 Weatherwax_009 Weatherwax_011 Weatherwax_018 Weatherwax_019 Weatherwax_026 Weatherwax_027 Weatherwax_028 Weatherwax_031 Weatherwax_035 Weatherwax_037 Weatherwax_038 Weatherwax_041 Weatherwax_043

    my favorite, hahahahahahaWeatherwax_046 Weatherwax_049 Weatherwax_052  Weatherwax_055 Weatherwax_057 Weatherwax_064 Weatherwax_067 Weatherwax_071 Weatherwax_073 Weatherwax_074 Weatherwax_079 Weatherwax_081 Weatherwax_087 Weatherwax_088 Weatherwax_090 Weatherwax_093 Weatherwax_098 Weatherwax_100 Weatherwax_101 Weatherwax_105 Weatherwax_108 Weatherwax_111 Weatherwax_118 Weatherwax_119Weatherwax-1


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