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  • The Sumikawas-Orange County, CA {Bellingham Family Photographers}

    Sunday, August 21 | Comments

    We LOVE shooting couples over and over and this was our 2nd time shooting this sweet family. The first time was when their little girl was just around 1 year old. Now we got to meet their adorable son {could they make any cuter kids???}. We got to do this when we were down in Southern California for some shoots this past month and I’m so glad she emailed me! I love shooting families as they grow because we just get more and more comfortable around each other. This time around was just like seeing old friends!

    Sumikawa-010 Sumikawa-018 Sumikawa-025 Sumikawa-029 Sumikawa-032 Sumikawa-033 Sumikawa-035 Sumikawa-037 Sumikawa-039 Sumikawa-041 Sumikawa-044 Sumikawa-048 Sumikawa-051 Sumikawa-055 Sumikawa-059 Sumikawa-065 Sumikawa-067 Sumikawa-070 Sumikawa-072 Sumikawa-075 Sumikawa-076 Sumikawa-080 Sumikawa-082 Sumikawa-087

    Jessica requested we replicate this photo. We took this exact photo of their last shoot with their daughter being tossed up!Sumikawa-090 Sumikawa-092-2 Sumikawa-094 Sumikawa-105 Sumikawa-107

    the perfect ending… hahaSumikawa-109

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