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    Friday, February 15 | Comments

    I met the Smith’s long, long ago back when we were all wee teens at a bible study. Aaron and I were good friends and Jen and I took some college classes together. A while later, Jen Smith and Aaron Smith got married.. making a new and improved bunch of Smiths! I even shot their wedding years ago!! Now they have a little bean.. although he’s not so little, haha. Little 3 month old Elliot weights 15 pounds! In our family, that’s really big. Myles is 14 months and weighs 19/20 pounds, haha.

    Anyway, we decided it was time for a family shoot so we got together and took some photos! Jen went out and got this beautiful quilt for the shoot and I was instantly in love! I’ve been doing  lot of sewing, making quilts and I just love them. I search endlessly for them in antique stores with no luck. We hiked up a big hill overlooking the city and shot away. It was such a fun shoot. There is something about mamas and babies that just gets me every time. I LOVE shooting new families, they’re always so excited and babies are just too dang cute! We caught up while shooting, talked about what we’re all doing now and just had an easy, fun time. After the shoot Jen and Aaron GAVE me this amazing quilt! I was speechless and so thankful! That was so sweet of them! We just did this shoot last weekend but I loved it so much I wanted to see it up on the blog now.


    1. Jessie says:

      These are all great, but I am in love with the far away silhouette picture with the baby in the air, freaking awesome!!!

    2. Heather Glasby says:

      Alyssa! Hurry up with that baby making then so we can :)

    3. Alyssa says:

      I can’t wait to have babies for you two to capture!!! Beautiful pictures ;)

    4. Molly says:

      Ooooo lovely pictures, as always! Love the little bow tie :)

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