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  • {The rain threatened, but surrendered to Jon + Evita’s awesomeness!} Fallbrook, CA

    Sunday, February 6 | Comments

    We booked Jon + Evita a while back solely based on the fact that they were awesome! This was our true finale to 2010, the last wedding of the crazy amazing year we had! WHAT A YEAR!! The sky was not our friend that day but held off long enough to get through the photos and the ceremony! Woo hoo!

    Also, Evita brought some balloons and said she wanted to use them for the first look somehow, so I put my thinking cap on and came up with the best first look EEVVERRRR! {Which you’ll see soon}. We spent a half hour setting up who would be shooting from where to make it perfect along with the awesome Shade Tree Films and my old room mate Candice assisting them! Who knew how much time it takes to plan a shot for video! But it was worth it, we got to make it awesome. Would have been even better if we had a tripod but it was cooooll!

    Also, Evita wanted to have 3 different looks for the photos, ceremony and reception. But instead of buying 3 dresses, she simply changed the one up with new accessories and a skirt piece that she added on for the ceremony, so clever! So enjoy the awesome Jon and Evita, they were adorable and had been together for 15 years before this day!! So it was was needless to say, a BIG day for them.

    “LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!! Jon and I enjoyed looking at EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Man… can’t get over your guys’ awesomeness. I’m running out of words Heather- fabulous, fantastic, great, amazing- none of these are enough! Wedding photography doesn’t get any better than Jagger!!- Evita”


    The beginning of the first look!!

    Favorite shot of the day!!

    He was sobbing before she even made it down to the isle :]

    they wrote their own vows, it was so sweet

    She added the skirt over her dress for the ceremony, it was beautiful! I couldn’t stop looking at it!

    Grayson was pumped!

    Jon surprised Evita by singing to her, he hasn’t done it before so it was a total shock!

    He brought her up there to finish the song, awesommeeeee!

    karaoke anyone?

    and in case you were wondering…

    Venue: Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook, CA

    Her dress: JCrew

    The skirt added to the dress: Delia of Le Petit Atelier

    Hair Piece: Be Something New

    Reception Necklace: Nordstrom


    1. Jake says:

      totally awesome! Found this page through the shadtree-guys blog and love how you’ve captured this wedding! Absolutely stunning!

    2. Jake says:

      totally awesome! Found this page through the shadtree-guys blog and love how you’ve captured this wedding! Absolutely stunning1

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    4. Love all these!!!! you guys are amazing!

    5. Jaime says:

      Those are some srsly cool shots. Well done guys, and great shoes Evita!! :)

    6. Wow! They seemed like such a fun couple! I loved everything about this post. You captured their first look perfectly! Great idea ;)

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