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    Tuesday, July 17 | Comments

    We haven’t had a ton of time to post personal photos, but we post a ton of them on Instagram. It’s by far the best app the iphone has to offer, we love it! We’ve met some great people through it too, who would have thought! On a side note, we are so blessed and lucky to have the job we have and be able to stay home with our son. We both get to spend all day with Myles and are lucky enough to be able to document his babyhood. Not many people get that set up and we never take for granted the fact that we do. God really had a much better plan that we could have ever come up with on our own. We also get the opportunity to go back to CA pretty often and see family and friends. We’re so happy Myles will really know these people instead of just seeing them once a year.  Here are some of our photos from the past months.. just a mish mash!


    We’ve had a busy, fun, hectic last few months with wedding season starting back up and having a baby on top of that. Myles is amazing, he is SO SO active and physical for his age. At 6 months he started crawling and one week after that he was able to pull himself up just holding onto our hands. Yesterday he crawled up a step! Aaahhhhhh that little manic! So we’ve really been using Instagram to keep track of every day moments, I’m sort of hooked!


    Our Instagram names {in case you feel so inclined to see more of our photos} are:

    Heather Glasby

    Grayson Glasby {so creative, I know…or you could just search Jagger Photography and we’d both come up!}

    We’ve been traveling all over. California for weeks, Massachusetts, central Washington, back to California and it will continue on all year! Little Myles will be quite the experienced flier! Too bad he can’t get his own flight miles :]


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