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    Saturday, March 1 | Comments

    I met Becky and Trevor years and years ago, back before they had kids… if any of us can remember what life was like then, haha. Becky saw on Instagram that we were headed down to Southern California for a couple of weeks so she booked a family session with us! It was so much fun to see their kids. I haven’t seen them since before either of them was born so it was a huge difference! We headed out and found some beautiful sunlight, ran around and played, tossed the kids around and just had a good time catching up. Their son reminded me so much of Myles {in another 2 years}. He had so much energy and just wanted to run around being an awesome maniac.. just like Myles :] I prefer wild kids over dull kids any day! Their little daughter was just adorable in her little boots and she loved to give her mama kisses… little girls in tiny cowboy boots gets me every time! They were so much fun to shoot and it felt as if no time had passed, let alone at least 7 years!! These two are so funny together and just a sweet couple. I hope we get to shoot them again some day!!!HortonsBlog001 HortonsBlog002 HortonsBlog003 HortonsBlog004 HortonsBlog005 HortonsBlog006 HortonsBlog007 HortonsBlog008 HortonsBlog009 HortonsBlog010 HortonsBlog011 HortonsBlog012 HortonsBlog013 HortonsBlog014 HortonsBlog015 HortonsBlog016 HortonsBlog017 HortonsBlog018 HortonsBlog019 HortonsBlog020 HortonsBlog021 HortonsBlog022 HortonsBlog023 HortonsBlog024 HortonsBlog025 HortonsBlog026 HortonsBlog027 HortonsBlog028 HortonsBlog029 HortonsBlog030 HortonsBlog031 HortonsBlog032 HortonsBlog033 HortonsBlog034 HortonsBlog035 HortonsBlog036 HortonsBlog037 HortonsBlog038 HortonsBlog039 HortonsBlog040




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