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  • The Gurney Family- Corona Del Mar Beach {Bellingham Family Photographers}

    Wednesday, June 15 | Comments

    Brenda emailed me when she say that we were headed down to California for a few shoots and snagged a spot for her family! Brenda and I went to high school together and I haven’t seen her since so it was fun to catch up. For some reason there are certain people I see that I haven’t seen in years and years and it’s just not awkward! She is one of those people! Her little boy’s name is Grayson too so we were swimming in Grayson’s!

    Gurney-005 Gurney-013 Gurney-016 Gurney-021 Gurney-024 Gurney-029 Gurney-032 Gurney-035 Gurney-037 Gurney-041 Gurney-042 Gurney-044 Gurney-049 Gurney-055 Gurney-064 Gurney-067 Gurney-073 Gurney-075 Gurney-084 Gurney-088Corona Del Mar, Corona Del Mar Beach, Corona Del Mar family shoot, Corona Del Mar beach family shoot, Corona Del Mar family pictures, Corona Del Mar photo shoot, jagger photograpy, bellingham family pictures, bellingham family photography, bellingham photographers, bellingham photography, orange county photographers, orange county family pictures, family of three, family of 3, toddler boy, beach family shoot


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