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    Friday, November 13 | Comments

    This is the 4th time photographing Amanda and Daniel and it never gets old! We started with their wedding in Las Vegas, then photographed them when they were pregnant with this little guy, again after he was born.. and now again! It’s like photographing old friends, we get so excited to see them! They drive all the way from Vegas when we’re down in California and we’re so honored they do it! Getting to shoot people from marriage through to becoming a family and on is such a blessing, it’s exactly the relationship we hope to get with every couple we meet! The kids came along on this shoot and just played at the beach {with Grayson of course.. not alone, haha} while I shot and we spent the day at the beach after. The only bummer was a crazy flock of seagulls eating literally all of our food when we weren’t paying attention… uuuuhhhhhh :]

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