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  • The first month of parenthood..

    Sunday, January 8 | Comments

    So the boy is officially a month old!!! Some would say he’s a month old when he hit 4 weeks, but no… he was born on December 8th, so he’s a month old on January 8th! Plus I wasn’t ready to accept he was already a month old, I needed more time! He’s already getting close to 9 pounds, whhattt!?!? I thought he was due for another blog post chalk full of photos :]

    We made it through the first month!! It wasn’t AS bad as I thought it would be, BUT I think that’s because both me and Grayson were home the whole time. I can’t imagine doing that alone, I have so much more respect for single parents, holy smokes. I would have had a mental breakdown if I was alone all day doing all that.

    He still sleeps in our bed, we said he would for 2 weeks, but we can’t make the transition! We haven’t even made the transition to the pack-n-play in our room let alone being in his own room. It’s so much easier having him in bed when I have to wake up to nurse, plus we’d feel so bad making him sleep all alone in a room, no thanks! But we’ll make the transition someday! Plus every morning we get to have family cuddle time and we love that.

    We’ve somewhat adjusted to life with a baby, it’s weird knowing we’ll won’t get to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time for a long while. But the midnight feedings {I hate calling them “feedings”, it makes him sound like a vampire} have gotten easier, we’ve gotten into a routine of me getting up to nurse while Gray sleeps, then I go back to bed while Gray bounces him back to sleep. He at least wakes up on his own when he’s hungry, we used to have to set an alarm every 3 hours because he wouldn’t wake up, he’d sleep all night if we let him! It’s hard to get up at 2am when there’s no baby making you, no motivation!

    I haven’t been able to eat dairy for a while, he may be allergic, so I switched to eating a lot of Red Vines {I NEED sugar, haha} and we figured out that MAY be making him have green poo so I cut that out too! Ahhhh! My amazing midwife introduced me to Trader Joes Soy Cherry Chip ice cream, SO GOOOOODDD!

    Every time I think about it I’m so glad we had a home birth, SO glad. We went to the hospital to get his newborn hearing test {passed!} and right when I walked in I was so happy we didn’t have our baby there, it felt so…. sterile and impersonal? I don’t know, just not for us. I walked up and stood in line and they told me I had to stand back behind some yellow line, what?? Anyway, here are some more photos of the boy!

    Christmas Eve!

    Christmas jammmmsssss!!!

    Mimi and Pop Pops, double fisting it.

    finally getting to use the blanket I spent way too much time making for him.

    best nap spot ever.

    We are not choking Myles or giving him a spanking… just an interesting burping technique.  Please don’t call CPS!  And sorry for all the leg that Grayson is showing… he’s all mine ladies :)


    part one of our completely trashed house. Gray on the little couch, Myles taking up the big one.

    worlds most dramatic yawn.

    so stinkin cute.

    Grayson spending “quality time” with Myles.. he’s on his lap while he plays Skyrim… and our house is TRASHED..  We were all back to normal at 3 weeks :)

    baby acne started kicking in!

    when ever our friends who have kids come over they instantly put him into a coma somehow. I’m  jealous.

    Auntie Sara got to come visit for New Years! Woooo hooooo!!


    Grayson thinks this is a weird picture of him, I think it’s cute :]

    Our friends across the street had their baby at home too {6 weeks before us}. They’re going to be buddies :] We took our birth class together too and used the same {awesome} doula.

    Kingston and Myles :]

    Happy New Yearsssss!!! He’s a party machine.

    These ones make me laugh, especially the mid-sneeze one.

    passed out on the couch. He’s going through a phase of only taking naps on our chests.

    So there it is! He obviously LOVES to sleep, unless we want to take a nap, then he just wants to eat and be wide awake. We’ve come to love the exersize ball, it’s one of the only things that soothes him. Or Pandora on the Page France or Iron and Wine station. He goes into an instant trance!

    You learn to eat either really slow {with your left hand because you’re holding him with your right} or really fast before he notices you put him down to eat, but you figure it out! He’s a good baby, just likes to fuss when he’s awake, haha.

    So overall, a good first month! Our house was overly trashed, dishes piled up and lots of people made us lots of food {THANK YOU, we grovel at your feet}. People came over and showed us tricks, how to properly swaddle… all the good stuff. Grayson has come up with a few tricks to getting him to go to sleep as well. You just learn as you go! Luckily he loves to sleep, and most nights he loves to sleep for long stretches too {YEESSS}

    We’re really excited for the next months, for him to start smiling and giggling and all that. Having a baby is awesome, even when they pee in your mouth and spit up in your hair {yes, he’s done both to me}…. It somehow never bothers me that I’m wearing a pee or spit up covered shirt all day, what’s the point in changing when he’ll just do it again? haha. But we love him!





    1. ebonyadora says:

      These are amazing!! It excites me for the first month of having our little bun out of the oven! Myles is such a stud by-the-way. Praying you guys get some shut eye. xo

    2. GiGi says:

      I love him so much….so hard to see these pictures and I am not there to hold him. Gigi loves you so much Myles and I pray for you several times a day…I want to hug and kiss you so will save them all up for your visit in Feb.

    3. Sheryl says:

      Congratulations on an amazing first month! Myles is adorable, as is the little family you’ve built. P.S. I love Trader Joes’s Soy Cherry ice cream. mmmm.

    4. Kimberley says:

      Myles is so beautiful!!! I love everything you’ve written about your first month of parenthood. Noah was born December 11th and you pretty much just summed up our month to a tee. Right down to the trashed house, lack of sleep, and eating awkwardly with your left hand while holding the baby! I’ve even managed to drop mashed potato on my poor baby :P
      Your doing an amazing job guys and he is so beautiful!

    5. Mimi H says:

      I absolutely love all of these pictures!!! WIsh I could meet him in person in May, but I’ll settle for hearing first-hand stories. :)

    6. Evita says:

      Overly adorable. Totally in-love with Myles! Can’t wait to meet him! Happy 1st month Myles! (Btw, Rachel is the same Pandora-lover, chest-sleeper, frequent-spitter, apartment trasher, incredibly awesome little love of our lives! Haha!)

    7. April P says:

      Give. Me. A. Break. Love these! Miss you guys!

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