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  • The first hike

    Saturday, July 18 | Comments

    So we headed out with our good friends Jesse and Jessica on a evening hike. We left at 6:30 for this, it was amazing! There is so much day light here! This is all basically in our backyard which is great. Parts of it reminded me of Switzerland, and everyone knows how much I love Switzerland [best place known to man]. So I way over layered, got hot even. It was beautiful though, just strolling through, eating raspberries…..It rained a bit near the end (good thing we cam prepared!) and Jessica tried to teach us about rocks :] it was a good time.



    man stick.




    Grayson and his new bug friend.



    we spent most of our time looking for/eating these bad boys.



    me after a long hike in the rain… no I didn’t gain 70 lbs, just got hot and shoved my plethora of jackets in my rain jacket.



    1. ah! must be washington!!! molto bella! i love oregon+washington. to pieces!

    2. where the heck are you guys? that looks like oregon!!!! :) beautiful!

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