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  • The Farina’s {Sugar Grove, PA}

    Monday, August 29 | Comments

    We got to shoot some more of Grayson’s family while we were in PA {his uncles sister’s family}. These people were amazing, and I don’t think two girls could be more adorable. I got to meet them last year when we shot his other cousin’s wedding and Glee and Flare were the flower girls in that wedding. We went out on a nice day and just shot in some fields!



    1. Kalee Curtis says:

      BEAUTIFUL pics…can’t stand the cuteness of these girls :)

    2. angelica says:

      lovely photos. so beautiful, carefree and natural at the same time. love them!

    3. Kimberly says:

      Wonderful, Playful, and Natural. Great family shoot. The last picture is my favorite.

    4. Brenda Glasby says:

      What a FUN shoot. So beautiful….a very photogenic family!!! Love the backdrop of the open field and the red barn. So cute.

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