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  • The death of Grayson’s lovely locks…..

    Saturday, May 22 | Comments

    My incredibly good looking husband made a “vow” at the beginning of this year to grow out his hair for one year.. he lasted 5 months, haha. You see, when Gray actually did his hair, it looked awesome {I just wanted to make out with him all the time}, but he’s not the type of guy to tolerate doing his hair.

    But when he didn’t do his hair, it was a crazy mess. So he decided this morning to cut it all off, or better yet, to have me cut it all off. And yes, I can cut hair, {although my friend Lindsey would beg to differ since I hacked her bangs off a few years ago… “ooooh crap…..”} I’ve cut guys hair a million times!  I’ve been cutting Grayson’s hair since we started dating and it’s always looked great- until now.

    I warned him that I’ve never gone from really long to short, it’s always been trimming long hair or just re-shaping  short hair, or shaving his head, or giving him some crazy mowhawk with lines shaved in the sides of his head {it was glorious}. This is a whole different ball park! So we took some photos along the way and after about an hour, the results were… well….. results.

    His hair this morning {above left}. His hair after I tried to shape it and get him to keep it long {above right}

    the middle stage… I call this “The Eddie Munster”….. we couldn’t stop laughing.. it was glorious.

    Turns out the Eddie Munster was pretty dang hard to come back from sooooo….. yah. At this point I was just sitting down being bummed out because shaving his head was the only option.. I miss his hair.

    luckily he still looks pretty foxy with a shaved head.


    1. Nicole says:

      So, it looks a bit like he is joining the military!!!! I cut Matt’s hair all the time, but this is how he likes his :)

    2. Brenda says:

      Ahhhh!!! That’s my handsome boy!!! Love it!!!! Your Mother

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