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  • The Coopers {Orange County Family Photographers}

    Tuesday, April 26 | Comments

    You know how we love shooting families we’ve been shooting forever? This is another one of those families! We shoot their awesome super hero wedding back in the day and have been photographing them ever since! We have the pleasure of hanging out and shooting these lovelies nearly every time we’re down in CA! The last time Alex had that little guy in her belly and now, here he is! I just love that!!

    OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers002 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers003 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers004 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers005 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers006 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers007 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers008 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers009 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers010 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers011 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers012 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers013

    The moment the baby spits up all over dad in the middle of a shoot! hahaha, the best.

    OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers014OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers015 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers016 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers017 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers018 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers019 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers020 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers021 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers022 OrangeCountyFamilyPhotographers023


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