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  • The birth of Lucy {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, May 24 | Comments

    I got to be a part of another amazing birth and it was beyond words amazing. It was kind of a funny day, I’d been texting back and forth with a woman who was in labor already, she was sending me updates through out the day. Then I get a text “just a heads up, my water broke, but nothing has happened yet!”. I wrote back “woo hoo for broken water!” assuming it was the first woman I’d already been talking to.. It took me a few minutes to figure out this was Katie!! Katie who isn’t due for another 2 weeks! Aaahhhhh!! So that day was a little hectic, I was all worried they’d both have babies at the same time and I’d be running back and forth. Yikes! Luckily it was just Katie that night :] I headed over to her house at 9pm, it was a rainy night and so peaceful out. I walked into a very calm home with Katie and Derek just quietly laboring. I was more than happy to see Mary Burgess at yet another birth. She was my doula for both babies and is now an amazing midwife! I got to meet another really nice midwife named Catorina as well. I am so intrigued by midwives, their profession is the most interesting and respectable thing someone could do! They help women bring babies into the world they way they were meant to come!

    Her labor progressed really quickly, it reminded me a lot of my labor with Finley, almost the exact same timing and quickness!  Even being present while a woman is laboring and watching a baby be born sends a surge of adrenaline like you wouldn’t believe! My hands were shaking when she was born and I was trying to take photos, almost like the feeling right after you have a baby and you can’t help but shake from all the adrenaline your body made! It was intense!!! Made it a little hard to take photos, haha. Maybe some day I’ll get used to that :] Katie did such an amazing job too. It always amazes me that women’s bodies can grow, form and push out a babies. It’s what our bodies were made to do! I don’t think watching a family welcome their newest baby will ever get old. I stayed for a couple of hours while they got to know their little Lucy, {they didn’t know what they were having before she was born so they were surprised to find out they now had 2 girls!}. I headed home around 1am and went straight to sleep. I got my next call at 6:45am for the other woman in labor!



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    1. Natalie says:

      Beautiful. I wish I could’ve hired you for my three births! But sadly I think oxford, England is slightly out of area lol x

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