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  • The Birth of Declan- Bellingham Birth Photographer

    Saturday, January 24 | Comments

    A few months back I had such the great joy of photographing one of my close friends births. Seriously, I can’t even explain how much I love photographing and being present for the birth of a new baby. Most of you know that both of my children were born at home, I am a strong believer in home births and love every inch of it. Jennie had her first son in the hospital and it was a horrifying experience for her {obviously this is NOT always the case for a hospital birth, but for her it was}. After an c section she wanted to have her next baby at home. It was hard to even find a midwife that would agree to a VBAC at home but she found one.

    I got the call from Jennie mid morning that things were going, so I headed over and spent the entire day in their home while this story unfolded. Declan, like his older brother, came earlier than expected so no one was quite prepared. Her amazing Doula ended up having to be somewhere and had to leave for the bulk of the labor but was there for the good part during transition and the birth. So on top of photographing this day, I was also helping Jennie through it. It was actually really amazing and so special.

    Her labor was smooth, but it was hard.. I feel like a lot of women have one of two views of birth: It’s terrifying and you should just be medicated ASAP, or it will be glamorous and this amazing and beautiful experience. One group villanizes it and the other magnifies it’s beauty. Birth is hard, it’s messy, it’s sweaty and exhausting.. but it’s amazing and beautiful. There is nothing that compares to pushing a child out of your body, nothing.

    I think part of the reason I love this series of photos so much is because you can see that it’s so hard. I see a lot of birth photography that likes to skip over the photos of the struggle, but that’s where the beauty lies. Birth is literally the hardest thing most women {including myself} have ever done, but also by far the most rewarding.

    I was so SO proud of Jennie for doing this… more so even than a typical woman. This was a big leap for her and she powered though it, she was so tough and she didn’t give up or beg to be taken to the hospital.. she was a champ. In the end she finally got to have the natural childbirth she felt so robbed of the first time- she was amazing.

    Thank you to the amazing Birthroot Midwives who delivered little Declan!

    DeclansBirth002 DeclansBirth003 DeclansBirth005 DeclansBirth013 DeclansBirth014 DeclansBirth021-2 DeclansBirth022-2 DeclansBirth026 DeclansBirth029-2 DeclansBirth035 DeclansBirth040 DeclansBirth047 DeclansBirth048 DeclansBirth050 DeclansBirth052 DeclansBirth056-2 DeclansBirth061 DeclansBirth065 DeclansBirth073 DeclansBirth077 DeclansBirth078 DeclansBirth080-2 DeclansBirth084 DeclansBirth089 DeclansBirth093 DeclansBirth096 DeclansBirth102 DeclansBirth113 DeclansBirth114 DeclansBirth118 DeclansBirth121 DeclansBirth127 DeclansBirth129 DeclansBirth130 DeclansBirth132 DeclansBirth134 DeclansBirth140 DeclansBirth142 DeclansBirth145 DeclansBirth150 DeclansBirth154 DeclansBirth158 DeclansBirth159 DeclansBirth168 DeclansBirth174 DeclansBirth175

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