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  • The best of 2009!!!

    Saturday, January 9 | Comments

    Now that 2010 is here, we decided to put together some of out favorite images from 2009. It was hard!! We had a ton of amazing couples, awesome locations and really good weddings. We’re REALLY excited for our 2010 weddings, we’re all over to  US this year so it’s going to be good! Here are some of our favorite images of 2009- enjoy…

    And then… there is this, Halloween shopping 09…. ok it was really 08, but who cares.. this is pure amazing.


    1. [...] To narrow that down is ridiculously hard, so we did our best! We started doing this in 2009 {Best of 2009} and it was equally as difficult! We are jamming all of our crazy year into one very long, mega blog [...]

    2. Jessica Cornett says:

      You guys are the awesomest!!

    3. NaNa says:

      Great year-Great pictures-Great couple!

    4. Sassy Loins Cureton says:

      BTW- if you think Jaggerphotography can shoot photos, you should see them play JENGA! They break records!

    5. Sassy Loins Cureton says:

      Emily Noxon, I hope you get a wedding shoot as well this year as well.I love that interacial couple, they are just stunning.

    6. Emily Noxon says:

      What a great year! Maybe this year we’ll get to meet. :)

    7. Stunning collection of images!

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