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  • The belly and the River {Bellingham Maternity Photographer}

    Tuesday, September 16 | Comments

    So one day I was talking photography with one some of our closest friends {these two lovelies} on one of our trade days {we have a weekly hang out to keep sane, I highly recommend doing this! Grayson and Jesse go climbing in the morning and ladies hang out at home with kids, then we switch and I go to their house and we just sit and chat, drink coffee.. usually eat some kind of unhealthy treat and paint our nails..it’s awesome!!}. Anyway, we were talking and I was telling her how since I was in my early 20s I’ve wanted to do a shot like the painting Ophelia with the flowing hair and still pond.. except I’d love to do it with a pregnant woman. Then she says “Heather.. I’m pregnant, I’ll do it”.. Oh yah!! For some reason I always forget she’s pregnant, haha. I was SO EXCITED! Jessica painting and amazing mural in Finley’s bedroom so we owe her lots of shoots! She’s an amazing artist so she can appreciate a photo like this one and the need to make it happen.

    So we all walked out to the river  {with their daughter, River..pun intended} and made it happen. We found the perfect still pool of glacier water that looked like it was made to create this photos. Jessica was amazing, that water wasn’t warm but it was well worth the effort. I’ve been so excited to blog this shoot, so I’m starting with dessert before dinner. I shot the water photos at the end but I feel like they need to be first!

    Kasparian-21 Kasparian-45 Kasparian-90 Kasparian-138 Kasparian-163 ophelia-01 ophelia-02 ophelia-03 ophelia-04 ophelia-05 ophelia-06 ophelia-07 ophelia-08 ophelia-09 ophelia-10 ophelia-11 ophelia-12 ophelia-13 ophelia-14 ophelia-15 ophelia-16 ophelia-17 ophelia-18 ophelia-19 ophelia-20 ophelia-21 ophelia-22 ophelia-23 ophelia-24 ophelia-25 ophelia-26 ophelia-27 ophelia-28 ophelia-29 ophelia-30 ophelia-31 ophelia-32 ophelia-33 ophelia-34 ophelia-35 ophelia-36 ophelia-37 ophelia-38 ophelia-39 ophelia-40 ophelia-41


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    2. Gigi says:

      This is the MOST AMAZING prego shoot yet (maybe it’s because I LOVE the models so much)….it is INCREDIBLE!!!!

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