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  • The 2nd annual {2011} Floppy Awards! ttaaa dddaaaa!

    Monday, January 23 | Comments

    We did it!!! We were able to get together the 2011 Floppy Awards, the 2010 ones were a good time so we brought it back! We see a lot of weddings and a lot of funny/impressive moments at weddings, so we like to gather them all into one blog post at the end {or in this case, the beginning} of the year. So sit back and enjoy the glory that is the 2012 Floppy Awards!

    classiest wedding guest.

    most guys practicing choreographed dance moves.

    best cake {pie} topper… clearly.

    most awesomely intense home made bouquet

    best reception entrance.

    creepiest first look

    best first look

    most likely to beat his wife…. hahahah kidding, it just looks likes he’s about to punch her on the dance floor!

    most DIY bride… holy smokes.

    most camera shy groom/groomsmen…… :}

    cutest flower girl/ring bearer

    most enthused officiant.

    most dedicated photographer… haha

    most loved spanks.

    best brothers of the bride.

    best use of a tin animal train.

    smallest wedding, 13 people total!

    most clever seating chart.

    best party crasher…. Who invited that guy?

    most awesome wedding food.

    most annoyed wife of the most drunk wedding guest. {he wasn’t THAT drunk}. These people are our friends so we can say that, haha.

    best smashing of cake {well, cupcakes}

    most awesome theme for a wedding.

    most awesome light saber war.

    {death via light saber}

    best ring bearer…. oh Sandy.

    most inappropriate hand action towards the bride.

    best use of a prop beard… ever

    sweetest moves.

    creepiest wedding guest.

    best use of a chair.

    best dressed… and most bummed that he doesn’t have a smore.

    most romantic kiss.

    best use of capes.

    And last but not least, worst attempt to blend two photos in photoshop…. hahaha


    1. Sam Allen says:

      Laughing out loud this early morning, dressed in my Snuggie, while going through these photos!

    2. Nice ideas to fill in on the wedding program.

    3. Hayley says:

      Hahahahaha I’m at my school in the library cracking up at all of these pictures and people are looking at me funny. I don’t care. HA these are amazing!

    4. shan says:

      14 thumbs up for the floppy awards!

    5. Natalie says:

      Best post ever! So good!

    6. maiko says:

      love em!

      the colors are pretty in the last one! ;)

    7. Evita says:

      Love the lost little rooster! Lol!

    8. Mimi H says:

      LOVE THESE!!!! They always make me laugh!! I still can’t get over the superhero themed wedding…it was GENIUS!!!

    9. Mary says:

      Yay for floppy awards!!! So great! That grand entrance is my favorite of all grand entrances in the history of grand entrances. You guys rock which makes it pretty obvious why your couples rock so much too. <3

    10. Ashley says:

      love love love the floppy awards!!!!

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