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  • The 1st annual {for lack of a cooler name} Floppy awards

    Saturday, January 29 | Comments

    We see a lot of funny/awesome/ridiculous things at wedding and thought they should be known! So we thought they should be rewarded for their outstandingness via our blog! We’ve decided to give out awards, not real ones but fake ones on our handy dandy blog :]

    So… with out further adieu… uuuh ummm {throat clearing}… the awards! And if you can think of a better name, let us know! I asked Grayson what he wanted to call them and he spurted out “floppy awards”… so there it is, for now.

    {Oh wait!!! We do have to say that we just realized the most awesome thing!! All but I think 2 of our weddings this year were featured on blogs or wedding magazines! Booommmm babbbbyyy!! We were really excited when we figured that out, ok NOW for the awards…}

    First, for the award that started it all…. Farthest bouquet toss!!! Look how far that thing went in the right picture. I mean look how far away the people below are, and how far across the room it went! That’s talent.

    most dudes jumping around in their man panties.

    Most needed umbrellas! Torrential downpour in the middle of the ceremony

    sassiest feet! They were super into shoe shots!

    best bridesmaid dresses.

    it was a tie. These ones were all hand made!

    coolest ceremony site! In the middle of the Zion mountains on a hill top that they found by driving around.

    strongest bride. the ones in the dress, not the random girl wearing her veil in the background.

    most awesome dress/lcae lassoing of the groom.

    INTERMISSION… time for a funny story of 2010, probably the best story you’ll ever here on this blog..

    So Grayson and I had a meeting with this lady that ran the wedding department at a venue, it’s a really popular destination wedding venue here in WA. We’re walking around with her, chatting and what not.. Then we all sit at a small table to talk about things. She was to my left, Gray to my right. She and I are talking, she was asking what made us move up to Washington and I was about to answer when I look at Grayson and he breathes out. Not on;y does he breath out a puff of air, but a flaky booger decided to shoot out as well and Grayson’s eyes quickly shift down to the booger sitting in front of him on the table. It was out there for all of us to see………CRAP!

    I start laughing, trying SO hard not to laugh. She starts laughing too, having no idea why she’s laughing but just going along with it. I tried to make something up to explain the random laughing.  I’m attempt to keep talking, still unable to control myself. Somehow Grayson kept it together, I think he was terrified that she would look at the table. But to be honest, he probably wouldn’t care at all.

    Then… THEN, I look over at Gray again and he’s starting at the booger, his arms were already crossed, resting on the table and he slowly slides his arms over the booger and slides it off the table. I LOST IT! At this point I just gave up and laughed uncontrollably and she had no idea why. Needless to say we never heard back from her… I guess she couldn’t handle Glasby humor.

    Ok.. back to the awards

    Best bouquet!

    most fun reception! Games and prizesssss!! Someone won a Slap Chop and a Snuggie

    best entrance! They fell over once but we’re a sucker for a tandem bike!

    longest dancing kid, she went for literally 30 minutes. People we’re INTO it.. chanting “shake what your mama gave ya! shake what your mama gave ya!”

    most awesome walk to the reception.

    Most awesome mother of the bride moment. This one doesn’t require explanation.

    Best food!!! North Carolina babyyyyy! Grayson only ate 3 of the things on this plate.. guess which ones?

    Another side note, this was the same wedding where we got back to our hotel and found a TICK in Grayson’s leg!! AHHHHHHHH!! We got it out with tweezers we borrowed {and ended up getting to keep} then hung out in the lobby with the grooms family all night telling funny stories and eating oranges in our pajamas.

    best wedding vows, you can’t tell in this photo but they were super funny. They went back and forth saying things they would and wouldn’t do.

    Most blue shirts worn to a wedding… unintentionally! Awesome.

    Best father of the bride speech- just yelling…. it was perfect.

    Most awesome cake cutting knife! Also the best fudge I’ve ever had was at this wedding.. sooo gooooddd.

    most destroyed wedding dress.. it was ripped to pieces! And she couldn’t have cared less!

    Most intense garter catcher. Cheaters but clever!

    Cutest ring bearer. Duh.

    This one should be obvious. Best wedding present… ever. This is a painting of Jeff and Rafedah, sorta. It’s awesome.

    This is such a high school award, but Best Dressed! I liked to call her look “the mullet dress and unicorn shoes”

    Best wedding favor!! And we got the most use out of this one, use them every day!

    Most awesomely cute cake toppers! classy little penguins.

    most intense drunk dancer. He asked us to come to his Halloween party… it was April. He was going to be Spider Man.

    Ugliest photo ever taken of us.

    best group frolicking!

    Best boutonnieres {reminded me of our wedding}

    Best rehearsal dinner/smore making/smore eating! We had a sing along by the river and made my all time favorite food {smores obviously}- all night. Gotta love smores!

    Best shirt ripping off rant and kartwheel

    Best random Russian dance party!

    sassiest photographer!

    Best wedding cake.. come on!!!

    most photo booth action!

    Best first dance!! They did the Napoleon Dynamite dance, so good.

    Most manly moment.

    Best dancing family!! They had mooovvesss

    Best random group light saber attack!

    And last but not least… Best double fisting of cupcakes…. they were oh so tasty.

    And P.S: If you can think of a better name for next year, please let us know! The Floppy Awards does not have to be “the” name, haha


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    3. yen says:

      I think you guys should get the “floppy awards” for most awesome photographers!

    4. eleGALA says:

      I am a little late to this party but WOW … this post was amazing! I laughed out loud.

    5. Jeremy G. says:

      Love the awards. The booger story was the best!! Laughed out loud at work. I’m actually surprised Heather didn’t just knock the booger off the table openly. Super stoked on your success and yeah your photos were featured a lot this last year!!

    6. Sierra says:

      Grayson’s bugger…I’m crying, tears, so funny!!

    7. Heather says:

      the dad yelling into the mic was one of the best things I’ve ever seen…

    8. Hot Model from your Desert Photo Shoot says:

      I love it! I can’t decide which ones are my favorite, I really love the Dad yelling into the mic toast. You guys are hilarious. Gray, love the booger moment.

    9. Michele B says:

      Pure awesome. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings!!

    10. sunny says:

      i love the booger story.

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