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  • Taryn + Owen {Pasadena, CA}

    Saturday, June 5 | Comments

    Tary and Owen… ooooooh Taryn and Owen. These two… they were awesome. Can I first just point out that we ALWAYS get the most awesome couples? It’s like awesome people flock to us, we must give off some kind of “we love awesome people” vibe… Anyway, this wedding was amazing! Taryn and I have been talking over email for MONTHS and months, literally. She would send me the most detailed and planned out emails, they always made me laugh with how precise they were. My favorite one was “and we plan on having our first dance at 8:22″…  haha, 8:22?? That is so specific!!! Turns out she’s just a planner, everyone made comments through out the day about her need to plan things.. it was even in their vows!

    This day was laid out soooo well! We had 3 awesome hours to drive around and shoot them all over Pasadena. First I was worried about getting to all these places, when I told her that she simply replied “I rented a van and my cousin is going to drive us around and drop us off at each location so we don’t have to worry about parking”….. Brilliant. Pure-Brilliance.. And Owen told us we aren’t annoying, that’s a plus! He said all the photographers they met with before just annoyed him, and that they had never even met us before the wedding day and we are awesome… That’s what we like to hear!

    They were married at the Pasadena Museum of CA Art and had all their guest enter into the art gallery before the ceremony.  I know there are a bazillion photos in this post, but it was just too awesome not to post a million. Enjoy!

    Taryn + Owen = Trowen….


    Tell them to do whatever they want, and this is what you get- we love it!!!

    she was IN-TO the shoe shots!

    We were in the van going to the park and I saw this… we had to stop, I love balloons!!!

    more scrabble goodness!

    …… Glorious

    This ceremony was great, it was just different.

    Her mom surprised them with the USC marching band. Also, their reception was on the roof of the gallery

    They played old dance movies on a screen outside, they are both big dancers.


    1. Donn says:

      Stumbled on your site. Awesome. Very creative. Great subjects. You might want to spell Photographer differently in the top line. I know, you’re a photographer, not a writer. Very nice work.

    2. Algo Azul says:

      [...] Jagger Photography via Wedding [...]

    3. tchow says:

      i concur with everyone else, i love the pictures of them lying down on the blanket! esp the b&w one. and the screen backdrop is such a cool idea!

    4. The photos of them laying down with the scrabble board and the vintage luggage made me SWOON!!!!!!!!

    5. Lara says:

      The projection of the trees framing the couple during the ceremony is fantastic – such a genius idea! What a great couple and kudos to you guys for capturing their day in such genuine and sweet way.

    6. Lora says:

      This was my sister’s wedding and I have to say that you guys did an amazing job. You really nailed all of the details that Taryn and Owen wanted to highlight. You guys totally rocked it from start to finish. If I ever get married, you have the job! Can’t thank you enough.

    7. Brenda says:

      Incredible creativity from the bride and groom in all their amazing details and from Gray and Heather for capturing each and every one so beautifully. Amazing…Incredible…

    8. NaNa says:

      What a delightful couple! Once again,just awesome shooting. You’re the best!!!

    9. Audra says:

      I love love love these! I’ve never seen such creative shots! Especially the scrabble board ones! :)

    10. Linda says:

      Wow, made my heart sing. Such beauty, such fun!

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