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  • Tara + John- Discovery Park Seattle {Seattle Wedding Photographers}

    Tuesday, September 2 | Comments

    You know when you go to a wedding with an expectation as to what it will be like, and you know show up and it’s nothing like what you pictured? This was that wedding. I don’t really know how to explain why, but it was. John and Tara were two of the sweetest people. You could tell that every person at this wedding REALLY loved them as people and friends. It was amazing to witness these two getting married overlooking the ocean. They were married at Discovery Park in Seattle. This beautiful day was started with all the men and women separating in the woods to go into groups called “wisdom circles” where they took turns giving advice and singing the praises of the bride and groom. It was awesome hearing all the lovely things people had to say about these two. The women then walked up through the woods to meet the men waiting at the ceremony site. Once they were all there the women revealed Tara to John and the ceremony began. Many tears were shed,  a nice “I love this woman” was yelled at the top of lungs over the ocean and songs were sung. It was a good day! Their super awesome downtown Seattle reception was held at Sole Repair and the food was GOOOOOD!

    DiscoveryPark001 DiscoveryPark002 DiscoveryPark003 DiscoveryPark004 DiscoveryPark005 DiscoveryPark006 DiscoveryPark007 DiscoveryPark008

    John’s dad giving his son a few words of wisdomDiscoveryPark009 DiscoveryPark010

    “JOHN!” haha

    DiscoveryPark011 DiscoveryPark012 DiscoveryPark013 DiscoveryPark014 DiscoveryPark015 DiscoveryPark016 DiscoveryPark017 DiscoveryPark018 DiscoveryPark019 DiscoveryPark020 DiscoveryPark021 DiscoveryPark022 DiscoveryPark023 DiscoveryPark024


    I’m the master of bustles :]… not really, hahaDiscoveryPark029 DiscoveryPark030 DiscoveryPark032DiscoveryPark031DiscoveryPark033DiscoveryPark034DiscoveryPark035DiscoveryPark036DiscoveryPark037DiscoveryPark038DiscoveryPark039DiscoveryPark040DiscoveryPark041DiscoveryPark042DiscoveryPark043DiscoveryPark044DiscoveryPark045DiscoveryPark046DiscoveryPark047DiscoveryPark048DiscoveryPark049DiscoveryPark050Discovery Park weddings, Discovery park seattle, daybreak star weddings, jagger photography, henna weddings, henna at weddings, hippie weddings, seattle wedding photograhy, photographers in seattle, seattle weddings, sole repair, sole repair seattle, sole repair weddings, sole repair receptions, wisdom circles, wedding wisdom circlesDiscoveryPark052DiscoveryPark053DiscoveryPark054DiscoveryPark055DiscoveryPark056DiscoveryPark057DiscoveryPark058DiscoveryPark059DiscoveryPark060DiscoveryPark063DiscoveryPark061DiscoveryPark062 DiscoveryPark064DiscoveryPark065 DiscoveryPark067DiscoveryPark066DiscoveryPark070DiscoveryPark068




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