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  • Tammy + Steve {Mt. Baker Elopement}

    Monday, November 14 | Comments

    I love elopements!  They are by far my favorite thing to take pictures of.  You can’t get a whole lot better than getting married on the top of a mountain either.  Tammy, Steve and I (Grayson) had so much fun hiking around taking pictures and it was such a beautiful fall day.  The colors were so vibrantly amazing.  Enjoy!TS_Elopement-1

    TS_Elopement-5 TS_Elopement-6 TS_Elopement-10 TS_Elopement-11 TS_Elopement-21 TS_Elopement-33 TS_Elopement-35 TS_Elopement-40 TS_Elopement-44 TS_Elopement-54 TS_Elopement-58 TS_Elopement-62 TS_Elopement-65 TS_Elopement-75 TS_Elopement-77 TS_Elopement-78 TS_Elopement-82 TS_Elopement-88 TS_Elopement-90 TS_Elopement-94 TS_Elopement-102 TS_Elopement-107  TS_Elopement-112 TS_Elopement-118 TS_Elopement-120 TS_Elopement-129 TS_Elopement-131 TS_Elopement-135 TS_Elopement-141 TS_Elopement-147 TS_Elopement-149 TS_Elopement-151 TS_Elopement-156 TS_Elopement-159 TS_Elopement-163TS_Elopement-168 TS_Elopement-166TS_Elopement-173   TS_Elopement-175 TS_Elopement-178 TS_Elopement-184 TS_Elopement-188TS_Elopement-192 TS_Elopement-190  TS_Elopement-198Mt. Baker Elopement, Elopement, Jagger Photography, Jagger Photography Wedding, Mountain Top Elopement, Mountain Elopement, Adventure Elopement, Bellingham Wedding Photography, Bellingham Wedding Photographer, Married Wedding Photographers, Seattle Wedding Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographers


    1. Wow… This is such beautiful scenery! Very nice shots!!! Congrats to Tammy & Steve! :)

    2. Stunning pictures amazing view!

    3. Brenda Glasby says:

      These pictures are beyond incredible Grayson!!!

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