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  • Sweet home Alabama… {Natalie + Darrin} Birmingham, AL

    Thursday, April 15 | Comments

    …Alabama… it was great. We didn’t really know what to expect from Alabama, after a 12 hour flight and 2 layovers, we were tired but it was nice to be in Alabama. I was pretty excited to go, I never really had plans in life of going to Alabama but that’s why I was so excited. We got in late, found an amazing BBQ place and got some good food. We had an extra day there to explore, saw some pretty awesome historical sights, amazing southern plantations, Martin Luther King Jr statue, it was great.

    So we met Natalie and Darrin the day of their wedding. No getting ready photos, they just wanted to get straight to it! We had an awesome hour and a half to take their photos, it was greatttt! They were so sweet and such a cute couple and their southern accents killed me, it was so cute for some reason. I would just listen to all the girls talk, it was great, haha.  The details at this wedding were great too, they had their programs printed on hankies fore everyone, an old type writer for their guest book. And I always love peacock feathers. They were married at the Virginia Samford Theater in Birmingham!

    I loved this bouquet, all feathers.

    cute little bow tie :]

    Natalie’s company made these sweet tea/lemonade jars for the wedding. It’s Grayson’s new obsession, he’s made sweet tea 3 times this week… haha

    Their guest book- so clever!!

    cluch purses instead of flowers?! Awesome.

    She had the most amazing ring I’d ever seen, and this is with out the wedding bands!!

    Their ceremony was in the theater, they wanted it to feel like a movie and it did.

    they played their slide show on the theater screen

    reception in the park, personalized wine bottles- love it.

    Amazing food!!! so much southern food we’d never tried, like fried ocra


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    2. perfektphoto says:

      Wow! What a great wedding! So different! I liked the feather bouquet. Awesome shots!

    3. Jessica says:

      Love it guys! Always doing such beautiful and fun work! Love the pom-poms at the end! and the custom printed jars.

    4. Honey Stetson says:

      Oh my gravy! This wedding was right up your alley! I’m so jealous of you…and of them…I want that wedding! So cute!!! Love her ring, her dress, the penguins, the feathers, the pom poms, the theatre seating, the typewriter, the bridesmaid dresses, the shrimp on forks…and more! Oh, and isn’t fried okra yummy??? ;) Great job Heather & Grayson!

    5. FriendofFarretlovers says:

      So…I wanted to cry again. Why do your photos do that to me!!! Such a classy, unique wedding. Jagger makes captures all the stuff you never want to forget. mmm. yummy.

    6. April says:

      LOVE IT! great job Grayson and Heather! Can’t wait to see our pics!

    7. kyle hale says:

      very well done guys! Looks like it was a fun one :)

    8. tchow says:

      LOVE the style. such cute touches. and i might be copying the penguin cake toppers…. just sayin’. :)

      OH and beautifully and impeccably shot, of course, as always! great job guys.

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