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  • Stefan + Audrey {Bellingham, WA}

    Friday, September 21 | Comments

    Stefan emailed us a while back asking us to do an anniversary shoot for him and his wife of 3 years Audrey. Our first actual locals!!! He said she is always saying how she wishes she would have known about us when they got married so we could have shot their wedding. So this was his surprise to her! That’s awesome and SO flattering! We met these two in a park parking lot with a big, old row boat and a blanket. We plopped the boat in the water right as Stefan was saying “I hope this thing floats”, and rowed about 20 feet {haha} across the river to the bank and went from there.

    Turns out we really liked them so after the shoot we invited them to come over for dinner that week. We made them some tasty home made pizzas and smores by the fire in the back yard and they had us over the next week for a much fancier dinner, haha. {It was SO good, did you know there is a yellow watermelon?! WHAT}. They even made up a little fruit bowl for Myles, it was really sweet. We watched Myles play with their dog Gus and sampled weird dutch licorices all night. It was a good time! Now we hang out all the time, yay for new friends!!

    Stefan and Audrey are newbie wedding photographers!

    our attempt to maneuver this boat back to shore… I really hindered this process more than I helped, haha.


    This was a”take off your shoes and roll up your pants to cross the river” kind of shoot.


    1. Girard says:

      nice legs

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