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  • Spring is here!

    Friday, April 14 | Comments

    I’ve been taking small videos of our life and kids for nearly 4 years now and one over caffeinated night, I decided it was time to do something with them. So I put together a short video of a spring day. We have been overly desperate for winter to be over this year.. it was a a long, LONG winter and with 3 tiny children who are nuts and wild, we were in deep need of some sunshine and shorts! The second we see that first bud and felt some warmth in the sunshine we are out the door! Spring is huge in our family. We all have a lot of love for new flowers, baby chicks and watching tiny plants growing slowly in the ground, waiting to see the color that will be revealed. I’m hoping this is the start of more and more actually put together videos for my family and for you guys to enjoy. Cheers to not letting your photos and videos sit untouched!!


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