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  • Snowfall in Bellingham

    Thursday, March 27 | Comments

    There are few things more beautiful and peaceful than snow falling, especially to a little child who sees everything as brand new. This was one of those rare, quiet mornings where we were able to just sit outside all bundled up and enjoy the falling snow. It didn’t last long but it was long enough to make the rest of our day better. I never thought I would enjoy photographing children until I had one {now two} of my own and really understood them. Before I had kids, kids seemed irrational, obnoxious, tiring.. a huge challenge.. the way I think they do to a lot of single people. After spending 2 years with my son I now understand why kids are the way they are, and it’s just amazing. There’s nothing I love shooting more than little lives growing up before our eyes. I got into photography because I was an obsessive documented due to some things in my life that I realized I had no record of. I wanted every memory to be remembered and held on to. I am still very much that way and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have hundreds of files of photos of my family and there is no material object that holds more value to me than those endless photos.

    I feel like it’s really easy to let your days pass you by in a blur, hurrying to move to the next, more exciting thing. Counting down the hours until their nap so you can have a break…Being anxious for the “next phase” when your kids are “easier”. When they can think more logically, or when they can help themselves more and not be as dependent on you. I see it as quite the opposite. I crave and soak in every second of my kids being little and loving us endlessly. Even when he’s kicking and screaming because he can’t have a marshmallow, or doesn’t understand that he can’t go outside naked at night when it’s 30 degrees, or pees on me, or refuses to get out of the bath and makes me miss an appointment! Those are all the good parts too.


    Anyway, I just felt that I needed to say that for the mama’s and dad’s out there who are having a really rough day with their kids and just want to scream. Enjoy it, it won’t be forever that they want to hold your hand, or need you to help them put on their jammies. It’s going to go by so much faster than any of us are prepared for. SnowFall_003 SnowFall_006 SnowFall_014 SnowFall_018 SnowFall_021 SnowFall_028 SnowFall_037 SnowFall_041 SnowFall_043 SnowFall_062 SnowFall_066 SnowFall_067 SnowFall_069 SnowFall_076 SnowFall_077 SnowFall_087 SnowFall_091

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