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  • {Sharon + Jason… and the desert} Orange County Wedding Photographers

    Monday, December 26 | Comments

    Sharon + Jason are brave… or cold blooded, we haven’t decided yet.  Either way, they had their awesome wedding in Palm Springs… in the summer!  And you know what, we loved it.  Maybe not the heat (our cameras certainly didn’t like the heat), but the wedding was amazing!  It was 114 degrees outside {no, not kidding}. They got married at The Parker Palm Springs and that place is amazing.  Sort of felt like you were in some sort of tropical oasis in 1974.  Needless to say, we tried to stay indoors a majority of the time to keep from overheating (Heather was 6 months pregnant at this point and was a trooper).

    I was super jealous of Jason.  He works with Peter Jackson and lives in New Zealand shooting movies over there.  He told me that he was currently working on the team that is making “The Hobbit.”  That was my favorite book growing up and continues to be in my top 3.

    After all the ceremonial stuff was finished, we headed into the great indoors to party it up.  The Flashdance got the party rolling pretty quick and the dance floor was packed.  Thanks Sharon + Jason for having us!

    JS_BridalParty001 JS_BridalParty007 JS_BridalParty012 JS_BridalParty026 JS_Ceremony024 JS_Ceremony026 JS_Ceremony027 JS_Ceremony031 JS_Ceremony034 JS_Ceremony053 JS_Ceremony056 JS_Ceremony058 JS_Details001 JS_Details002 JS_Details003 JS_Details005 JS_Details011 JS_Details012 JS_Details013 JS_FirstLook003 JS_FirstLook012 JS_FirstLook014 JS_GettingReady001 JS_GettingReady003 JS_GettingReady006 JS_GettingReady007 JS_GettingReady014 JS_GettingReady021 JS_GettingReady023 JS_GettingReady029 JS_GettingReady036 JS_GettingReady038 JS_GettingReady040 JS_GettingReady042 JS_GettingReady044 JS_Portrait003 JS_Portrait006 JS_Portrait007 JS_Portrait014 JS_Portrait015 JS_Portrait019 JS_Portrait020 JS_Portrait026 JS_Portrait031 JS_Portrait033 JS_Portrait047 JS_Portrait058 JS_Portrait059 JS_Portrait060 JS_Portrait061 JS_Portrait064 JS_Portrait066 JS_Portrait067 JS_Portrait071 JS_Portrait072 JS_Portrait081 JS_Portrait082 JS_Portrait084 JS_Portrait086 JS_Portrait087 JS_Portrait090 JS_Portrait092 JS_Portrait102 JS_Portrait103 JS_Portrait104 JS_Portrait105 JS_Portrait108 JS_Reception006 JS_Reception008 JS_Reception012 JS_Reception021 JS_Reception026 JS_Reception036 JS_Reception041


    1. Lydia says:

      what a cool venue! that last shot is fantastic? is that an external flash?

    2. Evita says:

      Wow! Totally agree! Love the orange door shots! And that final photo… Ahhhh-mazing!

    3. April P. says:

      Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!! Love the ones I front of the orange doors, and the last one! Super radical.

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