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  • Sayoko + Josh {Riverside, CA}

    Monday, June 24 | Comments

    I love pregnant mama’s, haha. Ever since having a baby of my own I just love a pregnant belly! It was even more fun because I’m pregnant again too. Maybe it’s all the hormones :] We came down to Southern California for a few shoots and they were one of them.  Sayoko and Josh drove all the way from LA to meet us in these Riverside orange groves that I just wanted to shoot in! They were troopers and excited to do it! They were so so easy to shoot because they were happy, cuddly and obviously beautiful. It was such a nice shoot, perfect light and all! Enjoy!



    1. Charlie says:

      Amazing pictures, especially the last one, the couple looks adorable.

    2. irving says:

      you have a cute website!!! :)

    3. Marlo says:

      Every image is stunning. LOVE them!

    4. Pure gorgeousness! Seriously.

    5. Kristen says:

      I adore these photos! May I ask where you did this session? It’s so beautiful!

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