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  • Say Hello to Baby Sienna {Bellingham Newborn Photographer}

    Sunday, September 3 | Comments

    Oh man, newborn shoots just make me plain old happy. Getting to see those brand new babies and meet parents who are over the moon in love with the person they grew is such a joy! Baby Sienna took her sweet time coming here, she was 2 weeks late! But that gave her mama some time to get her adorable nursery just right. She even designed the wallpaper she had made! Nursery’s hold a little spot in my heart because I love how creative you can get with a babies room. Their opinion doesn’t exist so you have free reign! It was so much fun getting to talk to this couple all about their new girl, life, remodeling their home while pregant {something I can relate to!} and becoming parents! Such a treat!

    Sienna-003 Sienna-006Sienna-005  Sienna-009 Sienna-010 Sienna-013 Sienna-018Sienna-015 Sienna-021 Sienna-023 Sienna-025  Sienna-040Sienna-036 Sienna-045 Sienna-047 Sienna-048 Sienna-051 Sienna-056 Sienna-058 Sienna-059  Sienna-066Sienna-062 Sienna-068Sienna-089 Sienna-083  Sienna-094 Sienna-099 Sienna-106 Sienna-111 Sienna-114 Sienna-118

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