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  • Sarah + Kyle + storms full of frogs {Clarksville, MO}

    Wednesday, October 6 | Comments

    Clarksville: Population 490. That’s right. We shot a wedding in the smallest town ever, and it was amazing. I’m pretty sure this wedding was the best wedding to ever take place in this town. We got in the night before and headed over to their rehearsal dinner to shoot some photos, eat some tasty dinner, and play some horseshoes. Then it poured like I’ve never seen it pour in my life. I mean torrential downpour, plague style. Flooding, frogs everywhere and an intense lighting storm. This obviously ended the outdoor party early, but everyone had an awesome time so it was ok!

    The next day was amazing. This wedding was SO GOOD! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky! Everything was held at Overlook Farm and they went above and beyond for this wedding.  The personal touches they threw in were such a surprise and added a little extra awesomeness to everything.   They were married on top of a hill overlooking this Mississippi River and there was BBQ and tons of details. Their daughter Lucy…. amazingly adorable!

    Just a couple photos from the rehearsal dinner that we liked. Live music and a bon fire- can’t go wrong wit that.

    Wedding day!

    All of the dresses at this wedding were hand made by 2 girls and as a gift they gave Sarah the screen they used on the dresses.

    Sarah and Kyle have a daughter named Lucy, apparently they each ended up with one of her shoes :]

    the dress makers. They were AWESOME, all of the dresses they made were beautiful!!

    Miles… so stylish.

    Lucy in her party dress- stop being so stinkin cute!

    Kyle and Grayson had the same ring! Well, Kyle’s was the darker version of Gray’s!

    We weren’t kidding about the plague of frogs… they were everywhere!

    We looooveeddd all the amazing details at this wedding!!!

    Overlook Farms did all kinds of personalized stuff for them, like making their initials out of hay!

    Giant chess game anyone?

    all of the food was grown at the farm, it was so good!!

    Ok.. I really hate Kettle Corn.. but holy stinkin moly.. this stuff was SO-GOOD! I couldn’t stop eating it. I was a kettle corn fiend.

    The farm even made them this banner!!! WHAT! Who does that? Amazing.

    If you want to check out their wedding video by the awesome {Sweet Tea Media} here it is!!



    1. I am going back through your blog for wedding inspiration… you guys photograph some of the coolest and unique weddings! and you do it so well – I just adore your work!!! this wedding was so amazing!

    2. Becca says:

      I came across a link to your website on the blog site What I Wore. I clicked on the link since I am interested in Wedding Photography and that is what it was advertisting. Let’s just say I’m super impressed with your work!! Both of you are very talented photographers and I like your style of shooting very much! Keep up the good work. :)

    3. Bre Gustke says:

      There were so many incredible elements to this wedding (and one incredible couple!) and you guys captured them all beautifully! I could look at these photos over and over again!

    4. Moira says:

      We love the way you captured the farm! Please come back and visit us!

    5. suzanne says:

      Wow, these colours just pop! Such a gorgeous wedding!

    6. Faith says:

      This is the coolest and most colorful wedding I have ever seen, you did such a great job photographing this wedding, I love all the shoe shots, what a fun one to be a witness of. You made ART!!

    7. Justine says:

      Odd question, but you didn’t happen to find out where she got that ring, did you!?

    8. Laura says:

      Amazing images! I love all of the details in this wedding.

    9. stacy says:

      holy WOW!! Heather & Grayson, you two captured some BEAUTIFUL moments! Bravo! S & K, these are A-MAZING!! Seriously. Amazing. <3

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