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  • Sara and Ian’s family shoot

    Wednesday, December 24 | Comments

    This… is Sara and Ian, brother and sister of course. Sara has been my best friend for years upon years and she is amazing. Ian is done with the Navy for a bit and they wanted to get their mom something she’d love for Christmas. Their house burnt down about 2 years ago and they lost all their family photos, so we took some more! With the help of my handy dany tandem bike (isn’t she beautiful?) and their pups, this is what we got! Oh and we can’t forget the ever so needed help of Grayson on the side lines, my human stool and dog handler for the day. Here are some of the awesome photos we came up with!

    I love this photo.

    the dogs make out, it’s ridiculous…

    Toby Montana and Wyatt Texas Ranger… I love these dogs.

    I think this is my favorite, they look identical and it wasn’t planned


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