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  • Sadie’s birth at the Bellingham Birth Center {Bellingham Birth Photographer}

    Saturday, July 19 | Comments

    I met Michelle when she contacted me on Facebook as her little family has just moved to Bellingham from Portalnd. She was looking for some buddies so we met up with our kids at the children’s story time at the library! At the time I was about 6 months pregnant and she was newly pregnant for the 2nd time too! I was more than happy to photograph the birth of their 2nd daughter, Sadie {who was named after she was born and they had a chance to see her face}. I’d been waiting by the phone for weeks, we kept thinking she’d go into labor at any second because of so many early contractions. When she did go into labor I had another mama, Katie, go at the same time! Luckily Michelle waited until morning :] I was with Michelle for a couple of hours in the morning over at the Bellingham Birth Center and  she was chatty, so happy and not even remotely resembling a woman in labor! It was nuts! She had two really amazing midwives that I’ve had the pleasure of working with before, Ann Tive and Jessie Bradley,  there helping her along the way as well. I decided to trun home and have some lunch, feed Finley and head back! I came back and she was the same, you couldn’t even tell when she was having a contraction! I’ve never seen someone so giggly through labor, it was awesome. Her mom and sister came and kept the laughter going, it was just a relaxed time.

    Soon enough baby Sadie was born and it was so exciting! Like I’ve said before, nothing beats watching a baby being born. I’m always so happy to see a woman having a baby pain killer free too. I was just asked to write an article for a magazine encouraging women that they can do natural childbirth.. you can!!! Maybe a little later I’ll do a little blog post on the subject. Until then, enjoy this amazing birth.

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