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  • Ronnie + Arsh {Vancouver, BC Baby}!

    Thursday, February 2 | Comments

    Anywhere in the North West is going to be freakin’ beautiful.  That’s a fact!  And the further North you go, the more beautiful it gets.  We don’t get a chance to go up into Canada that much, but when we do we are always blown away by how beautiful it is. This time we met up with Ronnie + Arsh in the Gaslamp District of Downtown Vancouver.  This place is super amazing.  We definitely want to go back and explore a bit when we have some more time.  We usually get lost when we go by ourselves, so it was great getting to cruise around with some locals :)




    1. Luke Stanton says:

      awesome engagement shoot! love the harbour/marina shots at the end. the reflections in the water are so cool.

    2. Sarah says:

      I love me some good old Vancouver!

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