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  • Robin + Matt {ahoy matey!! Orcas Island, WA}

    Saturday, October 8 | Comments

    This wedding was pure awesome in a bottle. Robin and Matt emailed us a while back and we were instantly intrigued by this wedding. They said they were getting married on their boat with 11 other people, that’s it. Amazing… we LOVE weddings like this one! This was the 2nd of the 5 weddings we had in one week.  So we woke up, drove down to the ferry terminal and started our day on Orcas Island! We got there and everyone was just hanging out putting flowers together at this awesome house with the most BEAUTIFUL view of a cove where their boat was anchored. They live on this boat down in Seattle so decided to get married on it too!

    It was such a laid back, fun day and they were our favorite kind of couple to shoot! Naturally cuddly, super giggly and just excited to get married in a very simple way, nothing overly complicated. They were SO MUCH FUN to shoot!! We hardly had to give them any direction at all, they were so… themselves! So enjoy this wedding, we did. This first picture of his sister’s boyfriend really sums up the day, haha.

    The view from this house was amazing, they had their boat anchored out where they’d get married.

    a boat cat?? I’ve never seen a cat on a boat before.

    We all took a dingy out to their boat, it’s hard to balance on a blow up boat, pregnant with equipment, haha. I made it!! I was 90% sure I was going to be the one person who ended up in the water at this wedding.

    While Matt rowed out to the boat everyone on board sang “row row row your boat”… in rounds, haha! 3rd grade style.

    So to shoot this ceremony I was on the boat {as you’ll see a lot} and Grayson was out in a row boat, it was hilarious. I kept stopping to laugh because he was struggling to row against the current, stay in a spot AND shoot this wedding… he did so good!!

    This was everyone at this wedding! 13 people!.. and us.

    Everyone threw flowers on them as they rowed away, so cute :]

    boat shoes make me happy.

    They asked us if we could bring our sweeeet tandem bike {Sampson… yes, also the name of one of our ferrets, not planned that way} so we did! They had so much fun with it! It was such a fun shoot! We all went down the road a bit, they rode the bike behind our truck just cracking up the whole time. Everybody loves a tandem :]




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    3. CaL says:

      Gorgeous! So, this is the freakiest thing in the coolest way ever! I’m going to tell you a little story now. I currently live in Rubidoux, CA it’s where I grew up, right across the river from Riverside, CA. About a mile from Crestmore Manor & the Regional Park, where I love to picnic every so often. When I was first talking marriage with my lovely guy we were on the top on Mt. Rubidoux. I pointed to the manor & told him how I’ve always loved the idea of getting married there. I had also Google’d it & found your very wedding & thought it was the prettiest thing ever! Fast forward to now. In May we are due to move to Seattle & after looking into weddings & blogs & such a bit more, I’ve decided on a more quaint, cozy, intimate wedding with only a few guests & a more scenic location. This is when I stumbled upon Orcas Island on the Style Me Pretty blog. From there I Google’d wedding blog photos of Orcas Island & came across this magnificent piece of photography of one of the most gorgeous weddings I have ever seen! I decided to click over to your about page & after reading, I scrolled down & saw the photos of you at Crestmore Manor! I know I didn’t have to go into all that detail but I have the best feeling about this story I’ve told you. I hope that one day, when we relocate to Washington & set a date I can contact you work with you! That would be a dream. If you’d like to email me back that would be a delight although I’m sure you’re all too busy. I hope you are having a wonderful Fall!

    4. Tracey says:

      These are the best wedding pictures. They make me want to get married all over again!

    5. Tashisha says:

      I am smiling the entire time I look at these. Mostly because these two are so happy and that I pictured Grayson rowing against the current. They are very photogenic people!

    6. Robin says:

      Heather + Grayson, Thank you both so much for giving us tangible life-long memories of our amazing day. It was so wonderful to have the two of you there. You both did an AMAZING job and went above and beyond meeting all of our crazy requests and expectations (can you shoot and row a boat?, can you bring Sampson?). You captured our day perfectly. Fondly, Robin + Matt

    7. Stephanie says:

      SOOO Beautiful! Very simple, sweet, and fun. I love weddings like this too! You guys did an awesome job!!

    8. Brenda Glasby says:

      What an incredibly fun wedding! Love the shots on the tandem and on that crazy log hanging over the water…just beautiful!

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