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  • Rick + Nicole {engaged and awesome!!}

    Thursday, May 5 | Comments

    Well we thought it was going to rain, but the clouds were good to us today! We’re shooting Rick and Nicole’s wedding NEXT July {that’s right, 2012} so they are way ahead of the game.  We were pretty excited about this shoot because it’s only our 2nd ever Washington engagement shoot, and the first couple was from CA so it almost didn’t count!

    So we were all worried about it raining but it worked out great!! In between shoots they bought us fudge AND a funnel cake so I was good to go… nothing makes me happier than buying me chocolate and deep fried… whatever funnel cake is.

    Grayson was ducking down in the flowers about 100 feet away and he looked like a panther about to attack. We were secretly making fun of him the whole time.

    I love these shots. Rick claimed these shots “made him tired”…. he said it was physically hard to lay there, haha

    Rick ran to the car {which was really far away} to get this umbrella so we used it like crazy.

    Umbrella juggling!

    and then there was Pennington. This dog was awesome, and people LOVED him. Some old lady literally plowed me over to get to him and talk about how cute he is and smush his face. Holy smokes..




    1. Cousin Fern says:

      Thanks Nicole for sharing. It is nice to see you both so happy! We can’t wait to see you both.

    2. Luke Stanton says:

      hey. I have just discovered your website. amazing photography and really inspiring. love the shot through the flowers!

    3. Mom Blog says:

      I can’t get over how awesome you guys are. I absolutely love your style and I haven’t seen anyone doing the animated gifs like you. SO CREATIVE!

    4. SecretKeeper says:

      So many to choose from I love the one of them walking through the flowers. Those are great photos! It made want to run through the fields singing. The sky looked really cool too.

    5. We absolutely love the pictures. We had such a great day with you guys and it obviously shows in your work. We are thrilled you two are shooting our wedding day and can’t wait. (For the person who asked, Pennington is a West Highland Terrier, “a Westie” and we are used to him stealing the show!) Thanks again Heather and Grayson.

    6. jessie says:

      ahhhhhhhhh! I LOVE washington, SO SO cool :) Do you happen to know what kind of dog that is?!?!

    7. shannon says:

      last time I went, I got yelled out each time I tried to take pictures of the kids in the tulip field- nice job! Love the umbrella juggling, can you do baby juggling? now that would be a feat!

    8. April paul says:

      Love them!! Those dog pictures killed me! I need a dig now.

    9. Brittany says:

      Wow, you guys rock! I love the colors and holy heck I want a tulip farm! Amazing! And that dog is freaking adorable, but I wouldn’t plow you over to tell him to his face! Looks like you guys got your groove back after your rest! So happy to have posts to follow again! I am obsessed all over!

    10. I dont know how I ended up on your blog but Ive been following your photoshoots and they are SO fun, you capture people’s personality and esp. relationships beautifully! You make a great team!

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