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    We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and have gotten so lucky with laid-back couples and fun families. Here is what some of them had to say about working with us.


    Jagger Photography is hands down the best wedding photography team EVER!!! Heather and Grayson captured the most perfect, special and beautiful moments of the best day of our lives! The photos left us speechless. Each one brought back all the emotions of the day in the best way possible. They captured every moment I wanted and so much more without me even noticing… they were like little photo ninjas! The love and happiness they captured in every photo is just incredible. Their talent and artistry is astounding.

    They are not only super-mega talented but also pretty freakin’ fun to work with. My husband and I were both a little anxious about having our photos taken because it rarely ever happens. Heather and Grayson totally put us at ease, gave us the direction we needed and made it all fun. The whole photo taking process really felt so effortless and it definitely had everything to do with how awesome Heather and Grayson are.



    Photography was my top priority for our wedding. I searched through the blogs and websites of more than 50 photographers, all across the US, to find the one that would shoot our backyard wedding in Massachusetts. Their beautiful portraits and poignant (and/or hilarious) candids are equally powerful – a feat I found that many photographers could not achieve. Their use of light and depth of field is exceptional and creates almost unearthly portraiture. Their photos are equally artistic and representative of life, and intense emotion is carried through every image. Prior to the wedding, communicating with Heather and Grayson was very easy. On the day of the wedding, they were timely and respectful, patient and full of humor, friendly and kind. They were spectacular. A number of our guests came up to us and told us how great they thought Heather and Grayson were, and how excited they were to see the photos. Both my husband and I loved hanging out with them – they fit right in with our silly and energetic crew. Now that we’ve received our photos, I can honestly say that I could not have possibly made a better decision about hiring Jagger Photography. The photos they made for us represent the vision that I worked so hard to create. They were somehow able to express in photographs the tremendous love that my husband and I feel for each other, in a way I never knew possible. I am completely humbled by their ability.



    Heather and Grayson absolutely made our wedding photography dreams come true. They have an amazing talent for what they do. They took both our engagement and wedding photos and after we had our engagement shoot we couldn’t wait to see them again. They are so fun to be with, so inspiring as a couple, so professional and they make you feel so comfortable on your shoot. The day of our wedding it actually just felt like we were hanging out with our friends all day! They make your day fun and enjoy themselves as part of the wedding. We are so thankful that we found them, all of our pictures are beyond beautiful and that is something we will treasure for the rest of our lives.They are funny, sweet, professional and amazingly talented! We are so happy to call them friends and we would have them do family portraits as our family grows because they are AMAZING!!!



    Heather & Grayson are so down-to-earth. Even with a little baby, they were very good about responding quickly to emails & keeping us up-to-date with what was going on. Ben & I got along great with them, but honestly I don’t know if anybody couldn’t get along with them. And what made me even more happy was that they we excited about shooting us. You could tell they truly loved their jobs. I, along with everybody else, was blown away by how beautifully they captured our big day. They were able to capture the pictures of moments that I wasn’t able to see on that day: my mom & dad’s face as we spoke our vows, the happy smiles of everyone as we exited the church, and the quiet & tearful gazes as my dad twirled me around the dance floor. Trying to enjoy the day with my beloved husband meant missing seeing other moments in action. But without even telling them, they caught all of those & I cannot tell anybody how much that means to me.



    Heather and Grayson were so exceptional, from everything to booking me almost a year and a half out, to going with the flow of my nontraditional wedding, taking things as they come, managing to fit in with my crazy extended family, and still get the amazing. I still cannot believe I had them and now the awesome pictures we have to cherish. It seemed like now we can just keep reliving our perfect weekend. Heather and Grayson are such a great team and qualify for a higher title then ‘two photographers’.. I’ll have to go with ‘the unbelievable, show catching, all trusting, energetic, smooth sailing, humorous, relaxed, fit in like family duo (who also take pictures)’. I think we might have to have a 10 year renewal or something just to re-book and have them shoot our family again!